Do it – The Yoga Way

Lower your blood pressure with Yoga postures

Do it – The Yoga Way
Do it – The Yoga Way

Almost the whole world has experienced, read and felt it – blood pressure is not something that started until few decades back. Lots of theories governing the possible causes of why it happens and what can be done to be cured of it – with majority masses fighting blood pressure till the last of their days – have come up; each with something unique.


Let us use Yoga now, to reduce blood pressure issues. Yoga is done fresh and early in the morning – undoubtedly, the best and preferred method of working out. Though the changes recorded are slight but it is visible in 6 months!


  • And definitely you need proof before you open the exercise mat!
  • A normal person’s blood pressure is recorded to be 120/80 where 120 is the systolic measurement and 80 is the diastolic measurement
  •  A research study for 58 women and men aged between 38 and 62 was conducted and they were categorized.

There were 3 categories of participants:

One with supervised diet/weight reduction and walking program
Yoga practice in a studio 2 to 3 times a week for 24 weeks
A combination program of the above 2 conditions

  • Results turned to be around 133/80 to 130/77 for the Yoga group and non yoga practicing group saw only decrease by 134/83 to 132/82 which was slight. Surprisingly the Combo group did not seem to exhibit much of a visible variation.
  • The authors said that yoga could have a very beneficial effect on people suffering from high blood pressure, especially when used in addition with other lifestyle modifications.
  • However, blood pressure treatment has to be patient specific – not every patient has the capacity to handle the finer nuances of yoga. The tolerance capacity of a person is what is considered.

Yoga in Daily Life!

  • If you are nearing middle age, a common or an executive check-up is part of the routine that you set for yourself.
  • Blood Pressure being the commonest among them; in rare cases even youngsters are falling prey to this condition. If you are having a job that is causing your hypertension, excessive anxiety or else if your personal life is constantly under emotional upheaval – half an hour of your daily life dedicated to Yoga is possibly what you need the most to ward off the evils of Pressure.
  • An average of 1 in 3 adults in United States is a prey of this silent killer. Apart from saving a close shave with blood pressure yoga helps to keep you in shape, increase your flexibility, and help you relax. Studies conducted in various places indicate that Yoga helps reduce risk of chronic diseases like depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

So, the time is right now! Don’t wait, pull down weight and get back you gait – the Yoga Way!

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