9 Easy Ways to Appear More Attractive and Gain Confidence

Ways to Appear More Attractive and Gain Confidence
Ways to Appear More Attractive and Gain Confidence

Projecting yourself as a confident, attractive person can be difficult if you don’t feel that way to start with. But you can fake having confidence until you’re able to develop it. No one but you really knows how you feel inside, and they don’t have to know if you know how to present yourself well. To help, here are some easy, proven ways help you feel more attractive — and more confident.

  1. Add a Pop of Red

Add some color to your wardrobe. Red conjures up emotions and feelings of passion and romance, as well as fire and heat. It’s such a bright and intense color that it really draws people in and is scientifically proven as the go-to color for anyone wanting to appear a bit more attractive. Try wearing a piece of red clothing or a red lipstick. Or if that’s too much, try accessorizing with a red scarf or shoes.

  1. Show Off Your Eyes

First and foremost, protect your eyes by finding a great pair of sunglasses. A great pair of shades add mystery, sophistication and sex appeal. If you wear glasses, try buying a pair that are rimless or try another option. Even though glasses are available in tons of styles, shapes and colors, you may find that you are most attractive in contacts.

  1. Work on Your Posture

People pick up many bad habits in regards to their posture over time. Unfortunately, these bad habits can make a difference your attractiveness to others. For example, if you cross your arms in the presence of other people, it can seem very standoffish. Instead of crossing your arms, try putting them down by your sides to make you seem more confident and approachable to others. Standing tall signals to the world that you are alert and ready to engage in all that is going on. In contrast, a hunched-over counterpart looks disengaged, withdrawn and disinterested.

  1. Make Eye Contact

You can’t connect with others and appear attractive if you avert your gaze every time you see someone new. When you have an opportunity to meet new people, keep your eyes ahead and alert to what’s going on around you instead of staring at your phone or your shoes. Making eye contact with others may seem awkward at first, but with a bit of practice, you’ll have the hang of it in no time.

  1. Show Interest in Other People

If you have a habit of droning on and on about yourself when you converse with others, break it. No one likes to sit and listen to a one-sided conversation, and it’s not very attractive. Instead, take the time to get to know the people around you. Find out what they’re passionate about or what experiences they’ve had in their life that have shaped them into who they are. You can also show interest in those who you love or have close relationships with.

  1. Flash Your Pearly Whites

Smile. That’s it, just smile. It seems silly; however, it can make a difference. It makes others feel more comfortable to be around you. In fact, a scientific study found that the most attractive expression is a smile. Just remember to smile in a genuine way and not force yourself to smile. Otherwise, people will perceive that you’re trying too hard.

  1. Be Fun and Funny

Almost everyone finds a sense of humor extremely attractive. And being able to laugh at yourself is almost as important as having a sense of humor. Being silly and having fun —even if it is at your own expense — is extremely attractive. Most people tend to take themselves very seriously, so it is refreshing when you find someone who is willing to choose to laugh instead of hang onto to inhibitions.

  1. Be a Good Person

According to research, kind people are thought to be the most attractive people. But looks have absolutely nothing to do with your ability to treat others with respect and kindness. Instead, a mindset does. Try practicing stoicism in relationships, with a “keep calm and carry on” resolve, in which you do not allow the negativity or toxicity in others to cause you to react unfavorably. This is a strange phenomenon in which people link personality with physical attributes.

  1. Be Yourself

In the end, attraction is more about letting down your guard and being yourself, than it is about a list of rules. When you pretend to be someone or something that you are not, it will likely backfire sooner or later. It’s difficult to keep up a façade. Instead, of feeling like you have to act like you are someone other than yourself, resolve to put your best foot forward and be who you truly are.

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