Emsculpting: What Is It And How Does It Work

Is Emsculpt Worth It?
Is Emsculpt Worth It?

What if someone told you that you could do the equivalent of 20,000 resistance moves on your lunch break? You’d say no way right? Thanks to an innovative procedure, it is now possible.

Emsculpting is giving people all over the country the bodies they desire. Tough to improve muscle groups are benefiting from this amazing breakthrough. Patients are seeing increased confidence by fixing problem spots they didn’t feel great about.

What is this miracle procedure and how does it work? The scientifically-proven process can benefit a wide range of men and women. It has so many benefits with so little risk or side effects. It may, in fact, be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What is Emsculpting?

Emsculpting is a groundbreaking technology that can create a slimmer and more toned physique. It’s the first procedure to be FDA-approved to both build and strengthen muscles and eliminate fat cells. The process is non-invasive and is relatively painless.

This non-surgical procedure targets specific areas of the body. These common problem areas can see improvement with just a few treatments. Many patients have been satisfied with the noticeable results and are pleased with the recovery time. The process gives many the ability to regain their confidence and feel more comfortable with areas of their physiques that they didn’t before.

How Does Emsculpting Work?

A single Emsculpting treatment lasts about thirty minutes. During that time, a device is applied to the targeted area. Patients can lay back while the machine does all of the work.

During the treatment, the device sends 20,000 high intensity, focused electromagnetic pulses deep into the body tissue. This energy causes the muscles to have supramaximal contractions. These deep contractions stimulate the muscles in a way that’s not even possible during even the most intense workouts.

The muscle reacts by creating more muscle mass. Muscular cells grow, strengthening and toning the targeted muscles. The results are larger, more defined muscle groups.

While the muscle building process is happening, fat cells are being simultaneously destroyed. The energy required to build the muscles is drawn from the nearby fat cells. This causes the fat cells to die permanently.

The fat cells are then eliminated from the body during its natural waste elimination processes. The entire process is relatively painless and has very few side effects. Some patients report simply feeling as if they just participated in an intense workout after their treatment.

Benefits of Emsculpting

The benefits of Emsculpting make it an optimal procedure for a wide range of people. It can provide helpful improvements to various body parts. It can also improve the look of your overall physique.

Even the most dedicated gym-goer can struggle with toning their stomach muscles. Many ab exercises can be tough on the back, making them uncomfortable for some people. Some people also struggle with eliminating the stubborn fat that can camouflage their ab muscles.

One Emsculpting session can be the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches without stepping foot in the gym. The outcome can be the toned stomach you’ve been working so hard for. Emsculpt can give your stomach the boost you need to see real results.

Many women struggle with post-baby belly issues. Emsculpt can reduce that stubborn post-baby stomach fat. Some mothers experience diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles from the stomach expansion that pregnancy causes. Emsculpt can reduce this frustrating problem by nearly 11 percent after just four treatments.

Emsculpt is also awesome for creating the look of long, lean limbs. The process is approved for both leg and arm areas. The treatment will tone and define your thigh muscles and biceps. After four treatments, you can see an increase in muscle mass by about 16 percent.

You’ll also benefit from the reduction of fat in these areas. Inner thigh and underarm fat can be nearly impossible to shed. With the targeted Emsculpt process, it can be a thing of the past.

There are countless workout programs and videos dedicated to creating the “perfect booty”. Emsculpt can make it much more attainable. Imagine visiting your treatment center and knocking out 20,000 squats without breaking a sweat or straining your knees.

The Emsculpt process works slightly differently to create a rounded, lifted butt. The muscles are stimulated to grow strong, firm glutes. However, it ensures the right amount of fat for a more plump butt remains.

One of the greatest benefits of Emsculpt is the ability to target fat loss in specific areas. No amount of cardio allows you to choose where the fat is burned. With Emsculpt, you can focus on eliminating fat from even the most stubborn areas.

Is Emsculpting Right For You?

Are you wondering if Emsculpt is right for you? You could likely be a candidate for this amazing body-shaping procedure. There are a few good indicators that you would receive the results you would love and have a better healthy living.

Do you currently work out on a regular basis and have a healthy diet? Emsculpt is designed to address specific problem areas so you want to be happy with your overall physique. You also want to have a solid regimen to ensure you can sustain your great results.

Are you at or close to your current goal weight? Emsculpt can give you about a 19 percent reduction in fat, but it shouldn’t be seen as a weight-loss procedure. You should think about it as a way to tone a muscle group with the added benefit of shedding some fat.

The great thing is that the lack of a time commitment can make Emsculpt work for nearly everyone. It can be easy to fit the thirty-minute appointments into even the busiest schedule. Plus, there’s no prep or recovery time. So you can stop in for your session and move on with your day.


Emsculpt can give you the results that can often only come from surgery with no downtime. Whether you’re wanting longer looking legs or chiseled abs, Emsculpt can be right for you. You can eliminate stubborn fat cells and tone and define muscles.

Your hard work in the gym can prove frustrating when you don’t see the results you desire. Emsculpt can be the perfect addition to round out your body sculpting plan. Your unique combination of Emsculpt and exercise can help you create the perfect physique you desire.

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