Everyday Activities That Can Keep You Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 Isolation

Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 Isolation
Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 Isolation

As the number of people affected by COVID-19 continues to rise, more and more measures are being implemented in order to stop the virus from spreading any further. While some countries are putting their citizens on complete lockdowns, others rely on their citizens to know what is best and stay in self-quarantine to prevent getting infected and infecting others that are more vulnerable.

However, even if you are doing your part in flattening the curve and staying at home, this whole situation can get to you. It’s not uncommon to feel stressed out, unsure of what the future holds and feel stuck inside. Seeing as how you also want to stay mentally healthy during this crisis, it’s vital that you find certain activities that you can do while at home. Take a look below for some suggestions for how you can take your mind off COVID-19, even if just for a little while.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

Sure, this might seem like a thing you would do anyway. Well, that is exactly the point. You need to keep up with your routine even during these trying times. Not making your bed when you get up will just tempt you to go back to bed and avoid doing other things. You surely do not want to spend the entire day lying down. Even in self-isolation, there are things to be done. Plus, research has shown that making the bed in the morning helps with productivity and feeling more rested and energized throughout the day.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Just like making your bed is important, cleaning the rest of your home on a regular basis can also do wonders for your mental health. Apart from dusting, mopping and vacuuming every room and washing your clothes and dishes before there are piles upon piles of these things, you can also consider a big decluttering endeavor. For instance, start with your wardrobe. See which items you haven’t worn in a long while and find those that no longer fit you. This is a great time to make some room in your closet by throwing away or donating those garments you no longer need. Something similar can be done with the kitchen and bathroom. Go through every product and get rid of those that are expired. If you do leave your home on occasion to go grocery shopping, make a list of everything you need as that will make your shopping trip much more efficient and you won’t get enormous supplies that you will not even get a chance to use.

Bond With Your Loved Ones While Cooking

If you’re used to going out to eat, this quarantine situation is probably putting you in a tough spot, especially if you are not that big of a cook. Luckily, if you have the option of stocking up on certain foods, now is the right time to start experimenting and trying out all sorts of new dishes. Include your family members, assign everyone a task and create something interesting every day. Plus, having meals together will really help you strengthen the family bond. Even if you live alone, you can prepare some food and Skype your close ones so that it feels like you are having a family meal.

Dedicate Some Time to Your Backyard

Being lucky enough to live in a house with a backyard during this time is a real life-saver. Just having the option to go outside for a bit and get some fresh air is a luxury a lot of people that live in apartments don’t have. While simply being outdoors, comes with great health benefits, you can also stay busy by doing some gardening. For example, you can start working on your lawn and ensuring it is green and healthy. Perhaps it does not have the necessary nutrients and you need to improve the soil. Perhaps you are dealing with a compacted lawn and you need to find the best way to treat this issue, such as aeration. On the other hand, if the lawn is in pristine condition, you can consider starting your own garden that will keep you active and potentially help feed your family. It doesn’t matter if you choose a veggie and herb garden or a flower garden, it’s important to look into varieties that thrive in the conditions you can provide them with.

Play With Your Pets

Having a pet around can help you get through these difficult times, especially if you live alone. However, seeing as how some countries have curfews that don’t allow dog owners to take them for a walk, you will have to be creative. Coming up with ways to keep your pet stimulated, occupied and happy will surely boost your mood as well. If you happen to have an animal that is happy being indoors all the time, then cuddle away. What is more, even if you don’t have a pet, you can consider fostering a pup or kitten during this crisis as plenty of local shelters are closing their doors.

Find a Way to Exercise

Just because you’re stuck indoors, it doesn’t mean that you cannot exercise. The World Health Organization recommends working out at moderate intensity for 150 minutes per week and there are many exercises you can do while in your home. Luckily, a lot of these don’t require special equipment and plenty of space. You can try out some yoga and meditation to get in the right mindset and get rid of the negative thoughts caused by the situation we found ourselves in. Then, you can do planks, sit-ups, push-ups, chair dips, and all sorts of stretching exercises. Everyone can find a YouTube tutorial that fits their fitness level and keep both their physical and mental health intact.

Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 Isolation
Mentally Healthy During COVID-19 Isolation

Even though we are confined to our homes, it’s essential to remember that we cannot let this situation defeat us. Find a way to do the things that make you happy, keep up your routine as much as possible and stay safe.

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