Exotics from the East – Chinese Herbs

The next Chinese movie you see and wonder whether all those curing medicines and paste they are showing in the movie is just for show – think again. China or for that matter the eastern world has always been home to the best of herbal plants and trees and they are the ones who give instant remedy to all ailments.

What are these Chinese herbs? What miracle do they do? For the western culture, healing through natural herbs might be a new concept that rose few decades back – the facts being straight opposite. Herbs always have got that magical touch which medicines these days seriously lack. Here is delving into the eastern sea.

Miracles from the Orient!

Chinese herbs can be classified as per the kind of effect they have on the human body – some might be cool or some might be hot. We shall try and understand what the different kinds of herbs are that we can consume in our routines

  • Herbs for exterior release have the rare ability of outward dispersing the problem component. This makes sure that the disease is not permeating through the outer layers into the insides.
  • There are certain herbs that give instant cooling effects to the human body. Releasing the excessive heat and making the body, calm, focused and effective as the cooling effect wears on is what the herbs do.
  • Certain herbs have the amazing effect of removing dampness that comes due to swelling and even resolve the arthritis conditions. Some of these herbs are effective in removing the cough and phlegm and relax the muscles in them.

Herbs for the Interiors of the Body

  • One of the most important things to remember is this – nothing beats a healthy metabolism. If you do not have a good metabolism and time and again you are facing the side effects of bad metabolism, it is high time you used one of these to get your metabolism back on track!
  • One of the specialties of the Chinese herb is that they can warm up your metabolism to root level and remove cold conditions. This will revive the gastric fire in your stomach. Very soon your belly will be growling for munchies.
  • You need these herbs if you are losing your temper more often because these Chinese herbals have the desired cooling effect on to the tired head and some of them can treat muscle spasms, hypertension and involuntary movements.
  • Certain herbs can remove the unwanted parasites inside your body and also improvise on the blood circulation in the system. The Chinese Herbs are also effective in resolving food stagnation and move the food in your system.

Chinese Herbals that heal the outer self

  • It is not just the interiors of the human body that the Chinese herbals do the wonder; even bruises, spasms and sprains can be cured by using these medicines. Chinese herbals have these rare attribute of detoxifying all the toxins and flush them out of your system
  • Ephedra Decoction is used for wind cold sneezing, stiff neck from cold and lack of sweating. Cinnamon is the assistant here as it promotes sweating and body warming thus giving more effect to the work Ephedra does.
  • Decoctions tend to be the strongest medicines which are next followed by concentrated liquid extracts, powdered extracts, and pills. All are effective, and the use of the different forms depends on the individual’s personal choice and depending upon the kind of effect the body can endure.

Chinese herbals are no latest discoveries – but we need to know is the importance they hold if we want to get treated the healthy way and natural way; not making the body too dependent on the medicines that we consume.

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