Is Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain?
Is Poor Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

A majority of people feel the suffering of back pain once in a lifetime, it becomes the routine as they grow older and their bones start getting weaker. This kind of injury occurs when people are indulging in an activity that demands to bend of the spinal cord. Mostly, the victim feels like someone is striking his/her back with a screwdriver, through the bones. A conventional position of the body provides the platform for a healthy body, strong bones and painless nights. This eases your body and runs positive energy in your soul.

How to Finally Fix Your Posture and Avoid Back Pain
How to Finally Fix Your Posture and Avoid Back Pain

People with great knowledge in this subject explain posture as the arrangement of a figure in such a way that individual can have a command on the his\her build. People usually do exercise or get themselves an appointment to the doctor.

When a person trains his/her body with proper sitting, running, walking or lying in a pose where the minimum strain can be felt and absorbed by the muscles and ligaments easily, then the body of that person starts getting into better shape. That is what people are taught at gyms. Now, consideration is required on how to maintain an effective posture through which you can foster healthy alignment of your back.

How can Bad posture get you back pain?

An irregular position can lead your body to back pain. Whenever a person sits, stands, walks or sleeps appropriately, it adversely affects his/her back, especially spinal cord. It can result in fighting with the pain in the back part of your body.

Poor position of your body can damage your discs in the bottom back which gives birth to chronic torment. The numbers of people suffering from chronic pain are increasing day by day. Work at the workplace has become more of a disturbing body activity than the improvement of physique. People sit on a single chair for hours in the organization that develops pain in the different parts of the body.

How to position your body correctly?

A Normal Position

This posture is the neutral position where every joint of the body is in rest mode. This mean there exists less tension on nerves and muscles. On this static point, none of the ligaments of the body is stretched abnormally. The spinal cord of the body originally forms an S-shaped curve with thoracic part slightly bent out and lumbar spinal being curved in.

How to position your body correctly?
How to position your body correctly?

Thus, if your spine is not being affected by the rotation of your irregular movements, then you are probably in the neutral position. The correct posture can help everyone to improve their back pain and occupy relief.

Flexibility in postures

There are situations when person’s body tries to repel the injury with positioning the body in such a way that feels like a relief. It is the self-regulating response of the figure that lets you feel comfortableness by adopting a position whenever your body is in pain. For example, People having a wallet in the back pocket of their pants can have pain in one hip if they sit for continuous hours. Lower back pain is normal in that situation and can imbalance hips.

Similarly, there are other positions as well that enforce your body to feel irritation and discomfort.

Avoiding Abnormal Sitting

The easy you will sit, the less likely you are to suffer the pain in lower back. In offices, people are occupied with a lot of work, and they tend to cover the whole day by sitting at the same place on the same office chairs.

An example can again help us in understanding the whole scenario more easily.

Sit at the back of the chair’s seat and place your hips in such a way that it causes your feet to touch the floor with knees bending at an exact right angle. Make sure to have a certain gap between your knees. Now raise your chest, move your shoulders back of your ears and soar your chin to the point where it is directly creating a 90° angle of your neck and chin. In case your office tables are too high, get them changed with immediate effect. This position is also known as confidence posture due to its look. Aligning your body in the supportive positions is very essential for escaping the lower pain. Allowing yourself frequent breaks at the workplace can also prove to be helpful in this regard.

What Is Your Lower Back Pain Telling You?
What Is Your Lower Back Pain Telling You?

Standing in best possible way

One of the main causes of bottom back pain is an un-effective posture. We have mentioned few core points one must ponder to avoid the problem of lower back pain.

  • Stand straight.
  • Your head must be perpendicular, and chin hammered in.
  • Magnetize your skull towards the housetop or topside covering.
  • Your stomach should be ingrain-pelvis must be leaning backward or forward.
  • Provide sufficient support to the curvatures in your feet.
  • Make sure that you don’t hump down your shoulders or disturb your neck when dwelled on.
  • Never lock your knees.
  • Wear footgear that can provide your feet with competent woolsack or cushion.


The lumbar region can prove to be hypersensitive for all of the people, mostly, at some part of life. Yoga can be of great help here, and it’s been helping a bulk amount of people in living a healthy life. Some people consider it essential for human body. Many problems of the body can completely abolish with the help of yoga. Yoga not only does remove pain from your body but also makes you look younger than your age.

Cobra Posture

Lie on the floor with your face down. Your forehead must touch the floor. Place your hands on either side at the mean of the ribcage. Press the top fingers of your feet together into the floor. Give as much as you can length to your legs. Now, using the strength of hips and spinal cord, lift your head and chest. Meanwhile, your pelvis must touch the floor. Repeat the cobra posture 5 to 10 times and breathe deep. It is very pivotal for strengthening your bones and removing back pain.