Give Your eart away to Healthy Hispanic Food

You can get the best of the Latin America and most of it you can get in the food and the cuisine that you are tasting and eating. Hispanic food has its own specialties which in a way make it a unique experience.

You can lower down on a lot of fats and oil and save your heart and mind from the trouble of those additional lipids around your body and cholesterol in your blood. Get a taste of the best cuisine but in a healthier way.

Spices do line up a major part of Hispanic cooking and each dish has its own unique and specific kind of spice that gives a unique flavor to every cuisine. Don’t cut down on them but you can definitely lower down the consumption rate!

A lean mean Protein


  • Protein might be the best component as part of your brain development system but it is definitely a mean thing to be in your diet if it is crossing its consumption-borders.
  • Excessive protein can cause formation of muscle mass and if you could think you could exercise it away you are only building an equal amount of additional fat.
  • Limited intake of fat and that too saturated, makes one of the easy and first steps to having a healthy heart as per Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics.
  • Try preparing your favorite dishes with swapping those high protein ingredients. You still don’t have to sacrifice to favorites – as an instance you can prepare personal favorites as Tacos, enchiladas or burritos with broiled or grilled beans, it seasons up good.
  • If you have “died-hard” for chicken – go for chicken breasts, selective grade beef or pork cuts. If the food or you won’t survive without cheese – well, try not to use them and find low fat replacements. You definitely don’t want lipids around your liver all year!

Fiber along the way!

fiber along the way

Nothing beats the resourcefulness and the instant energy empowerment of the fiber – for the fiber is what makes most of your energy substations in the body ticking round the clock. Whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits can help prevent heart diseases by reducing high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and obesity as per

  • As always – only the green pastures hold the secret to fibers. So, try lessening the use of meat or poultry for your daily diet that normally every Hispanic cuisine is a home to.
  • As an idea – you can prepare fajitas with pepper and onion rings instead of using meat, a worthy replacement.
  • Hispanic diet consists of rice a lot – try using the brown rice if you can give in to the temptation more often. Mexican brown rice served with cooked beans is just what you need to make rice diet complete and healthy.
  • Whole wheat Tortillas are thumbs up in comparison to Tortillas prepared from white flour.

Send Sodium on to Vacation!


  • Dietitians have forever believed that increase of sodium content in the body is responsible for making the bones brittle and the same is applicable to heart. Increase of salt is responsible for higher blood pressure and clotting up of arteries.
  • A healthy adult should not have more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium in their daily diet – this considering the amount of cheese that is used in Hispanic dishes, it must be shooting your daily sodium level a way long way back.

Prepare your own beans – remember, if you are going for canned beans or similarly canned foods, they have extra salts in their cans to make them stay preserved for a long time. Preservatives use an extra dash of salt as that is a “don’t allow faster spoiling” component of every preservative. Use spices, chilies and herbs the natural way rather than going for over the shelf preserved and canned flavors.

Don’t Fry your health!

fried food fnh

  • Majority of the foods that you eat in Hispanic Cuisine – Flautas, Chimichangas or Quesidillas are, sad to know, fried. Others like Tacos and Tortilla chips too come in the Fried category of foods.
  • Try soft Tacos instead of the usual fried ones and one tip – try to find out if you get the baked versions of your chips in the market and if so, cash on it. Try grilling, broiling, roasting or poaching the meat, fish or the poultry you use in your diet – avoid frying the meat.
  • Frying consumes lot of oil and the fat is something that gets instantly ready in your palette which surely and definitely is not a good idea if you want to have a heart healthy diet.

Follow the simple tips – Hispanic Cuisine has the possibilities of having major flavors. You can enjoy them but keep your heart and soul!

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