Happy Heart with the help of Ayurveda: Some Tips and Habits

Whenever you think about the most important organ of a human body, you will end up with the most delicate and precious organ which is our HEART. This is accepted by all disciplines of medicines and even Ayurveda lays great emphasis on the same.

The lifestyle, general approach and thinking of the people in the western countries have taken downfall due to their intense mindsets, physical desires and their fulfillment being the only motto of their life and detached social frailties impacting directly on their tender heart.

The root cause of Heart ailment can be related to either lack of proper oxygen in the system and/or the level of Cholesterol in our blood in majority of cases and   Ayurvedhas remedies that can help you control cholestrol and improve heart health.

You can work out wonders by following some marvelous suggestions, tips and habits enlisted in the Ayurveda.

heart Ayurveda

Let us unfold the secret of happiness and understand how happy heart one can have by following a few Ayurvediac solutions one by one:

Practicing Pranayama and Pachkarma : 

Considered as the most effective and result oriented means of taking care of your heart. Deep breathing at regular intervals can significantly bring about drastic improvement in strengthening your heart muscles and thereby boosting the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood vessels. One can also try “Sun Salutation”. A gentle head massage with or without oil several times a week is good for health and heart. A full-body self-massage with oil once a week is also good for heart and all other body organs. Light Aerobic Exercise also helps a lot.

Let the music play

Shake your body to the non-stop beats of some pumped up numbers raising your heart rate and invoking a feeling of enthralling experience.

Stride on:

Make the move and break the groove to make your life happy and steady. Escape out some time from combating work to utilize it for your family and friends with full enthusiasm which will benefit towards building a healthy heart.

Nourishing items :

If you use Amla fruitregularly it is a very good anti-oxidant that can help you  prevent arterial damage from free radicals as well as nourishing the heart tissue. Amla also improves the immune system and helps greatly to nourish the heart. Chywanaprash (which is made from Amla) is a tasty and nutritive item works as a real boost to the strength of the heart.

Reduce Blood fats and high cholesterol:

If your blood report reveals that you have high cholesterol, you can use  Triphala Guggul which combines a range of herbs known to cure  the causative problems of high cholesterol. This also helps to reduce high levels of blood fats.


If you are leading a life which is full of tension, you can try using Ashwagandha . It is a very good herb which helps reduce tension in the body and mind as well as strengthen the heart muscle.

Good staple diet:

Remember that no discipline prevents you from having a good food. Enjoy good food .But make sure that you eat a nourishing diet that is devoid of  all poor quality dairy products, processed foods, poor quality oils, hydrogenated oils. Increase items of foods that are excellent for the heart.


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