Health Benefits Of Green Tea Extract

benefits of green tea
benefits of green tea

Multiple health benefits of green tea extract make it indispensable for maintaining good health

Since consuming green tea as a beverage is not to everybody’s liking due to its taste, the availability of capsules containing the fat burner with green tea leaf extract has boosted its popularity due to easy consumption by circumventing the taste buds. The green tea leaf extract contained inside a capsule in a concentrated form is one of the main ingredients of dietary supplements used for fat burning and weight loss. Regardless of how you consume green tea, you can be sure of many antioxidants enriching your body, which boosts overall health. Antioxidants promote heart and liver health and positively affect the brain while improving the skin tone and texture by keeping it soft. Some even claim that antioxidants can fight against cancer.

Here are some health benefits of green tea that has sound scientific backing.

Abundance of antioxidants

The high antioxidant content in green tea has made it famous among health-conscious people who have made it a habit of consuming it daily in some form. Antioxidants help to fight cell damage caused by free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Cell damage has connections to several diseases and aging. Catechins are polyphenol antioxidants that constitute the majority of antioxidants in green tea and its extract. Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is the most beneficial antioxidant compound in green tea, as revealed in several studies.

May be good for the heart

Oxidative stress builds up in the body is bad because it enhances fat buildup in the blood that inflames the arteries, which leads to high blood pressure. The antioxidants in green tea reduce inflammation, and due to its ability to prevent fat absorption, it helps to reduce the levels of fat in the blood. All these are beneficial for good cardiovascular health as it keeps the heart healthy and protects it from surges of high blood pressure. A study carried out on a group of 56 obese people who took 379 mg of green tea extract for 90 days showed a significant drop in the blood pressure as compared to the group that was on placebo.

Good for the brain

EGCG, the main antioxidant in green tea, has shown promising results in protecting brain cells from damage due to oxidative stress. By protecting brain damage, it reduces the chances of mental decline associated with several brain disorders resulting in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. Green tea extract can protect the brain from damage by inhibiting the effects of iron and copper, both of which are reasons for damaging brain cells.  Green tea extract can enhance memory by improving the connection between the different parts of the brain.

Facilitates weight loss

The combination of catechins and caffeine in green tea extract forms a potent combination that helps burn fat and aids weight loss. Those on a weight-loss mission cannot do without consuming green tea extract.  The duo helps in controlling thermogenesis, thereby facilitating better fat burning, which leads to weight loss.

Besides, green tea extract is good for the liver and perhaps reduces the risk of cancer.

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