Healthy Appetite: Seven Reasons Why You Must Include Meat to Your Diet Chart

Reasons Why You Must Include Meat to Your Diet
Reasons Why You Must Include Meat to Your Diet

What comes in your mind when you hear the four-letter word – Meat? A big juicy piece of chicken or beef oozing with tantalizing flavors. Meat is an essential part of our diet. All those who leave it out of their food, well, we can say they’re missing out on a lot. Meat is not only yummy and fulfilling to eat but also scrumptiously healthy.

A long term debate has been going on about cutting meat from our diet and relying only on veggies. It’s true that vegetables are healthy and contain a sufficient amount of nutrients like iron, folate, vitamin A, C, etc. However, those nutrients are not enough for our bodies. Just like a machine cannot go on working by using only oil, it needs specific tools for its particular parts. In the same manner, our bodies need a substantial diet for all the functions, which makes veggies inadequate to satisfy our body’s needs.

Now we are not saying that veggies aren’t necessary, they are, but including meat makes it a win-win situation. Excessive use of something is harmful, with a little care, we can get both the benefits and the desired effects. Maintaining a balanced diet will bring a wondrous change in your body and health. Otherwise, why would our ancestors be emphasizing on a complete meal?

Meet the meat! 
Meet the meat!

Here are seven reasons why including meat in your diet chart is an absolute must.

Meet the meat! 


Vegetables contain iron but don’t have it in abundance. Therefore, meats like poultry, beef, lamb, seafood, and pork are here to provide an abundant amount of iron your body requires. For instance, beef, lamb, and pork are rich sources of iron. You can whip up a delicious iron-rich meal by following a foolproof recipe containing grilled pork chop marinade at your next gathering.


Yes, you read that right. Meat is the complete source of protein. You don’t need to add any other sides such as salad etc. to increase the protein in a serving. Amino acids that are vital for health don’t need any protein shake or powder to fill your quota. Make healthy dishes by grilling your meat and rubbing different spices and sauce to make it further amazing to taste.


All those work-out, health-freak gym enthusiasts, here’s great news for you! Meat such as poultry and red beef contain high-quality protein and other nutrients like iron, zinc, calcium, etc. These nutrients help in stopping loss of muscle as we grow old, hence making us remain healthy till our late years! They also help in building muscle, so dig in that steak and enjoy your meal!


A diet containing an ample amount of meat has shown to improve bone strength and to maintain it throughout the years—a meatless diet results in weakened bones. Maintaining a healthy intake of meat regulates the growth of children and adults alike. Phosphorus and protein play an essential role in the maintenance of our bones.


Animals, being the only source of vitamin B12, make meat all the more essential to include in your diet! It enhances and increases our cognitive functions and makes us smarter. It promotes the normal functioning of our nervous system and also in the cognitive development of children. You won’t need to eat loads of veggies and then take vitamin capsules to satisfy your cognitive needs. Meat is here to take care of you.


Your heart health is exceptionally significant. Heart patients require a diet that extensively promotes in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Meats like fish, tuna, and poultry boost your heart’s health. Can’t keep your hands away from picking up meat from the meat aisle? Don’t worry; now you know which meat’s the best for you, so go ahead and chomp away on that chicken! But be careful, too much of its intake can reverse the job.


Lamb, pork, lean beef, poultry, and especially seafood contains crucial B vitamins such as B6, B12, pantothenic acid – B5, riboflavin – B2, and niacin – B3. These B vitamins help in converting foods into energy. Since these meats are rich in numerous nutrients, they help us kick off fatigue, making us feel pumped-up.


Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is what we have been learning since our school days. Our body requires feed with the best portion of everything and what’s better than consuming all-in-one meal options. Meat contains an excessive quantity of iron, protein, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, and D, and much more. It is not only delicious but highly nutritious for our bodies. Therefore, you must include meat in your diet to ensure that your body is getting the right quantity of high-quality nutrients.

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