Here are six beginner vaping tips you should follow

beginner vaping tips
beginner vaping tips

This cigarette alternative has become widely popular among youngsters, although it has hardly been a decade since its invention. Today, the vape market is at a whopping US$15bn in 2020. Vape gives many a feel-good experience and unparalleled satisfaction, for which people keep returning to it even after they have given up on cigarettes! At the same time, since vape is not the same as a cigarette, many find themselves dissatisfied with their first experience.


While you take this exploration or transition, make sure that you are patient through this new experience. Understanding how to vape is a fundamental part of understanding how to continue making the most of your experience. Many people think that since they have experience with smoking, they do not consider how vaping may require you to ease into the process gradually. You may best CBD vape pens in UK and use our handy tips to equip yourself for your first vaping experience! We assure you that the “lung hit” is the same as one gain while smoking cigarettes when it is appropriately used.

How to equip yourself

With the amount of information available at the click of the button, we have the resources required to learn and understand the fundamental aspects. You may master the art in no time!

The first and foremost suggestion is to buy a simple vape. These do not require any advanced understanding, are very beginner-friendly, and might be good to start. You will easily find budget-friendly options for these simple vape kits! Most kits come with instructions on the packaging, and if you seem to struggle with it, you may surf the web for your concerns. If you’re unsure about filling e-juice, you can opt for pre-filled kits as well.

Another mistake most people make in their first purchase is to opt for a flavor they don’t like. Once you choose a flavor you prefer, you can decide the appropriate nicotine level. E-juices also have varying nicotine levels so, we recommend a low nicotine level for initial experiences.

Tips to start vaping!

Vaping may seem intimidating to many people, but, believe us, it is simple! Once you get your hands on the right flavor and starter kit, you may maintain it in good condition and store it as recommended in packaging. You will begin to develop a routine and take care of it well. Here are a few tips our pros recommend to kickstart your vaping experience in the best way possible!

  • Purchase premium and reputed e-juices

Brands may often offer products for lesser prices. But, as is the case for most products, a cheaper product may not be of good quality. It is wise to cut your costs but not at the expense of your vaping experience.

Before finalizing your purchase, you must have conducted preliminary research of the kinds of e-juices available and the kit you wish to buy. With a reputed vendor and brand, you have the assurance of the seller, manufacturers, and customer reviews on the product pages. This thorough research helps you gauge product quality and the desired effects and experience other users usually have. Vaping premium products is always a good investment and a worthwhile experience.

Many people fall for products on sale or discounted prices, but the quality of these products may not be good. This concern is also why we recommend checking for medical-grade nicotine, certified and purchasing a vape with food-grade ingredients.

  • Pick your flavor

Picking the right e-juice flavor can be quite a task. But, once you relish your initial experiences, there is always a range of flavors for you to choose from! Companies have been introducing new flavors regularly! Once you begin your search, we are sure you will find a flavor you fancy.

  • Find the appropriate VG/PG Ratio

The two elements VG/PG determine the thickness and texture of the vapor felt during smoking. A 100% VG content vaping liquid would generate a thick vapor, and the throat hit from it may be very smooth. A 100% PG content e-liquid may not result in thick clouds, and the throat hit may be deep and harsh.

Luckily, there are variations of the two that are available. So. users can customize their vaping experience accordingly. This customization option also allows them to experience the benefits of both- VG/PG in moderate, varying combinations.

Many also prefer a high VG vaping liquid as users have observed only a few allergies. It is usually sweet and not harsh on one’s throat, which isn’t an experience you want on your first try! The clouds VG generates are also commendable. It’s visually appealing and creates a feel-good experience.

  • Don’t skip cleaning your vape tank

We get that people mostly get lazy to get to these laborious parts of an otherwise fun experience. But skipping vape tank cleaning may cause leakages and result in stinky e-juice or nasty buildup of material. Thankfully, the cleaning process is easy. All you need to do is to dismantle the device, discard e-juice remains and rinse the kit. It is also advisable to use hot water to clean the tank, atomizer, and mouthpiece.

  • Stack up on extra batteries!

It is only wise to have a stock of extra batteries. Keeping fully charged batteries on you in case of travel or treks would be helpful. They come in handy more than you know. You perhaps would not even have to wait till you get new batteries or charge your batteries again!

  • Keep away from Vapour’s Tongue

Usually, smoking a single flavor for too long may cause loss of taste for that particular flavor. We are giving you reasons to mix your collection, ensure you enjoy the refreshing taste of e-juices you love but do not stick to a single flavor for too long.


Our final tip is to experiment and have fun! Find your favorite flavor, try different brands and methods. It is always worth finding what makes you feel good! You may be overwhelmed in the beginning, but any new exploration calls for experimentation.

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