HIIT vs LISS: Choose Your Match

HIIT vs LISS Choose Your Match
HIIT vs LISS Choose Your Match

In the current age, there is a strong campaign that encourages health and fitness. As a result, various forms of cardiovascular exercises have been adapted to help in the process. The cardio workouts come in different forms, and each workout delivers a specific effect on the body. Some specialists combine cardio with calisthenics to achieve better results. Cardio workouts are split into LISS and HIIT. And for that, here is our discussion of today; HIIT vs LISS: Choose your match.

What is LISS and HIIT Cardio?

Before we start looking at what each term means, you probably wonder why you are asked to Choose Your Match. Well, I’ll let you know that later.


What is LISS and HIIT Cardio
what is LISS?

Now, what is LISS? This is basically the common Low-Intensity Steady-State Cardio. It entails physical exercises that boost your heart rate to around 50% of the maximal rate. You will barely experience a faster heart rate when you are working out. Some examples of LISS cardio include swimming, yoga, walking, or cycling.


What is HIIT
What is HIIT

On the other hand, HIIT, which is the most common form of cardio workout, is a High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a type of exercises that range between activity and intensive workout, which is then followed by a less intense exercise or rest.

With HIIT, it aims at increasing the heart rate by around 80% or 95% of the maximal rate. During the recovery period, the heart rate is allowed to drop to around 40% or 50% of the maximal rate. This is then followed by the high-intensity bursts. An example of an HIIT cardio includes a 5-minute jogging warm-up, followed by 20 seconds sprinting, then walking for 90 seconds, and start from sprinting again.

The Differences Between HIIT And LISS

There is a thin line between the two forms of cardio workouts. The major difference is that one boosts the heart rate more than the other.

The Differences Between HIIT And LISS
The Differences Between HIIT And LISS

With HIIT, it depends mostly on the carbohydrate or glycolytic metabolism for the supplication of energy. Conversely, LISS cardio relies on fat for the energy supply. For that, experts suggest that LISS is the best form of fat loss more than HIIT. Also, HIIT boosts muscle gain, while LISS will not exactly promote the gain of muscles.

LISS doesn’t entail the intense working out, which means that its effect will stop when you are done with the exercises. As you engage in the Low-Intense Steady State cardio, your heart will not take a long time to return to the normal state. This means that you will experience fat loss during the exercise session.

However, when you engage in HIIT, you will experience a long-time fat loss, even after the workout. Since more energy will be used in the process, the heart rate will take a long time to return to the normal state. As a result, more fat will be lost in the process.

Determining Which Cardio Is Best For You?

We mentioned earlier that it is up to you to decide whether HIIT or LISS is best for you. While each of them is beneficial to the body, you still have to weigh and choose the perfect cardio. Here are some factors to consider before choosing the cardio workout;

• Do you have the time?

The cardio exercises are determined by the amount of time that you have. Suppose you have a busy schedule and you need to burn some extra calories, HIIT is the best choice. LISS would need more time for you to achieve a better workout.

• Do you enjoy it?

Even though workouts are designed for boosting your fitness and get rid of the extra fat, you still have to enjoy doing it. If you don’t enjoy it, you will not do it passionately. So weigh the two and consider the one that you enjoy doing.

• What is your ability/fitness level?

This is a factor that will determine the workout that is best suited for you. A fit or experienced person should go for the High-Intensity Style Training because they can manage it with ease.

• Do you need muscle retention?

Studies show that HIIT workouts deliver a better effect on the muscle growth and retention. It will not have a negative effect on the muscle retention like LISS. For that, stick to HIIT if you want to experience fat loss and stay fit.

• Which is safer?

This also depends on your experience in the given cardio workout. The HIIT needs experience when doing it before it is open to more injuries than LISS. HIIT cardio is risky and can lead to an injury if you don’t do it correctly. The LISS are safer and can be done by an amateur.

The Verdict

Now it’s time to decide which cardio workout is best for you. Basically, it is all about doing the cardio that you prefer most. HIIT tends to be quicker and delivers high fat loss while offering metabolic changes. It also helps to retain the muscles.

On the negative side, it is somewhat challenging and riskier than LISS. The good news is that both cardio workouts will lead to fat loss in the end. Though you still need proper training and guidance when engaging in HIIT. So make your choice wisely.