What Holistic Nutrition is all about…


Holistic nutrition is using whole foods the way nature intended. Whole foods are foods that are complete and perfect in their natural state. These are foods that contain a balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, and countless other vital nutrients.

Holistic foods are not genetically altered, stripped, or refined in any way. Our bodies easily break down whole foods and utilize them for maximum energy and potential.
Whole foods are organic, seasonal, and can be found through a variety of channels, such as your local farmer’s markets. This not only ensures that the foods you buy are fresh, full of nutrients, and not contaminated with pesticides, chemicals or additives, but it is a wonderful way to support your local farmers and community.  Whole foods are the perfect examples that fit the holistic nutrition definition.

Holistic Nutrition
Holistic Nutrition

The philosophy behind holistic nutrition relies on the quality of the soil the food is grown in. If the soil our foods are grown in is depleted of nutrients and minerals, instead of being polluted with chemicals and toxins, then our bodies are directly affected. There is growing evidence that foods grown in healthy, organic soil are far more nutritious than foods grown in depleted soils.

Holistic nutrition goes beyond food. It goes into what we refer to as Core Foods. Core foods are about balancing one’s life so that stress is minimized and a sense of balance is obtained in a multitude of areas.

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