How to Fix Teeth Gaps

Teeth Gaps
Teeth Gaps

Having gaps between your teeth can make a poor impression on people. Sadly, most people think negatively of this and therefore, like many others, you would want to fix the gap. You can get a beautiful smile. In most cases, the reason for the gap in the teeth is injuries. To prevent things from getting worse, you need to find a reliable dental practice.

A reputable dentist in the UK recently said:

“I feel conscious when I smile because of the gaps between my teeth. If you think it is just you, then think again. There are millions like us and we can fix it.”

Your smile is the first thing anyone notices, and having gaps makes you conscious. It feels embarrassing when the person in front of you has his gaze fixed on your teeth instead of making eye contact. In worse cases, you may see the disapproving glance too, and it can hurt emotionally.

The dental term for the gaps in the front teeth is “Diastema.” It is one of the most common dental defects not just in the UK but anywhere else in the world.

What Causes Gap in Front Teeth?

Teeth gaps do not just happen overnight. They grow over time and take time to become prominent. In most cases, the gap between the teeth forms right from childhood. The midline gap grows due to some habits the person has after the permanent teeth erupt – e.g. thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting habit. There are also other causes of teeth gaps:

  • Incorrect swallowing reflex
  • Irregularly sized teeth
  • A labial frenum (a thick, muscular tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums)
  • Missing teeth or tooth
  • Periodontal disease
  • Poor gum health or gum disease
  • Small teeth on a larger jaw
  • Thumb sucking

How to Fix Front Teeth Gap?

If you think you can fix the teeth gap on your own without visiting the dentist, then you are mistaken. Only a dentist can fix it. It is highly recommended that you visit the nearest Dental Practice in your area. Alternatively, you can get online consultation from some of the best dentists.

Some dental treatments used to fix the gap are:

  • Braces or Orthodontic treatment
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth effect bands,
  • And many more

When you book an appointment with your dentist, the first thing he or she will do is evaluate your teeth and the tissue in your mouth. This helps them decide what the best approach to treat the gap would be. The most common cases seen are gaps in the upper jaw front teeth. This gap is called the midline diastema. It occurs because the labial frenum is fleshy and thick. Sometimes, when the frenum overgrows, it causes the teeth gap.

Nowadays, the way people look at dental gaps is different from how they did many years ago. In some cases, because some celebrities have it too, teeth gaps are somewhat of a fashion statement. Teeth gaps last a lifetime, so if you cannot accept them, then they will always be a problem. For most people, they are a nuisance. Nowadays there are advancements in technology that allows dentists to fix them. In fact, you can find affordable dental treatment in the UK.

Of course, the price will vary with the extent of teeth gaps and what procedure will be most effective. Only experienced dentists can help you find out. Two more common approaches to remove the diastema or teeth gap are:

  • Braces – These are a very famous procedure for fixing the gap. This involves reshaping the mouth by applying persistent pressure that shifts the teeth closer. It takes time and is a very slow process that may last almost a lifetime.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign braces are ideal for less severe cases. If you have insurance then you may get this under the coverage. The latest Invisalign braces are less painful than the usual braces.
  • Dental Implants – This is one of the most recommended procedures for treating diastema, especially if the diastema is wide enough. The procedure involves the insertion of a tooth implant into the gum and the jaw bone. It attaches to the surrounding teeth. Dental implants have a very high success rate of 98% and offer long-lasting benefits. However, it is more costly than other dental treatment
  • Dental bonding – This is mostly a quick-fix involving the application of resin to the teeth. Within a short time, the resin dries up and makes the teeth look good. If one has a chipped tooth, this technique helps fill the chipped off gap and is also effective in filling a diastema. This method is one of the least expensive ones. Some dentists have more experience in this dental treatment.
  • Crowns and Veneers – Both of these are similar and do almost the same thing. However, the crown serves better to fix the damage on the mouth. Crowns are a porcelain shell that covers the tooth. Veneers on the other hand bond to the tooth and are ideal for fixing other dental issues as well. However, these are slightly more expensive than other procedures. Though, they look more natural and last longer.

Before you move on, here is a tip. After getting the dental treatment and when you see the gap reducing, do not go back to poor dental care. Maintain healthy dental care habits to prevent reinfection or others, because it can cause gaps to return.

All this information should help you make up your mind to get dental treatment at the soonest possible time. Now you know that the teeth gap is a fixable problem. You just need an insurance or enough budget for any of the procedures listed above. If you have a Dental Practice you trust, visit them, and let them help. If you are looking for recommendations, then visit your nearest dentist.

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