How To Incorporate CBD To Your Daily Meals

How To Incorporate CBD To Your Daily Meals
How To Incorporate CBD To Your Daily Meals

The healthcare industry is changing rapidly as more and more products are now being studied and used to treat different health problems. Most of these products have been around for years, but their efficacy was only recently discovered, like CBD, for example. Most people avoid using and even talking about CBD as they believe that it has the same effects as marijuana.

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound discovered in 1940 and works differently from marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD has lesser tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content, and actually provides countless health benefits. According to studies, CBD-infused products can treat body pain, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve one’s sleep quality.

If you’re planning to use CBD to experience these health benefits, here are ways you can incorporate the product to your daily meals:

  1. Drink CBD Coffee

It’s common for adults to start their day with a cup of Joe. Caffeine can remove grogginess and increase energy levels, making it easy for adults to do more during the day. Some would even drink coffee more than once a day so they can stay alert.

If coffee is also part of your daily routine, consider drinking CBD coffee. Some of the most known health benefits of CBD coffee include enhanced mental alertness, prevention of anxiety-related side effects, and longer-acting benefits of caffeine and CBD.

  1. Make Chicken Salad With CBD-Infused Dressing

A salad is one of the healthiest and easiest meals anyone can make. You can basically make one by using any ingredients you have in your kitchen cupboard. However, if you’ve been making the same salad for years, expand your options by using CBD oil as one of your ingredients. This product will make your salad healthier and more flavorful.

CBD-Infused meals
CBD-Infused meals

For you to make chicken salad with CBD-infused dressing, simply mix some of your favorite vegetables in one bowl, add your choice of protein (organic chicken breast is a great option), and, then, mix a few drops of CBD oil to the mix.

CBD oil naturally has a strong odor, but it can surely complement the taste and texture of your favorite veggies.

  1. Prepare CBD Steak And Chips

While some people get full by merely eating salads, others are looking for heavier meals. If you belong to the latter, you should definitely try preparing some CBD steak and chips. This is a very filling meal that can also be prepared during family dinners and BBQ parties.

The natural flavor of CBD oil makes it an excellent marinade for your steak. Simply mix CBD oil with some of your favorite herbs and spices, and let the steak soak in the mixture overnight. You’ll be surprised how a simple CBD marinade can make your steak mouth-watering!

  1. Bake CBD Brownies

CBD is a very versatile product as you can use it on all of your dishes. Aside from adding it to your sides and main courses, are you aware that you can also incorporate CBD to some of your desserts?  CBD oil is actually a great ingredient when baking brownies.

Unlike your traditional brownie recipe, making CBD brownies will require you to mix CBD oil with ½ cup of vegetable oil, and, then, mix it into your sugar until everything is well-blended. This mixture will ensure that your CBD oil doesn’t overpower the other ingredients present in your brownies.

  1. Treat Yourself With CBD Chocolates

According to statistics, over 14% of adults in the US are using CBD regularly. As more research is being published to prove the health benefits of CBD, expect that the number of CBD users will continue to rise in the coming years. The growing number of CBD users is one of the reasons why brands are now making different varieties of CBD.

CBD Chocolates
Marijuana leaf and cereal crunchy multigrain chocolate on brown wooden background.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but don’t have the knack for baking, treat yourself with some CBD chocolates. These edibles are widely available in the market and can provide the same benefits as other CBD-infused products.

If you’re looking for a healthy and filling snack that you can eat any time of the day, CBD chocolates are the answer!

  1. Prepare CBD-Infused Honey Over Greek Yogurt Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered as a staple in every home because it’s easy to prepare and tastes good when mixed with any ingredient. You can pair your oatmeal with frozen or fresh fruits, peanut butter, or even granola.

For another healthy and unique take on your oatmeal, add some CBD oil to the mix. For this recipe, you will need to mix your rolled oats, cinnamon, banana, salt, and water before putting everything in the microwave. Once cooked, you can add a spoonful of Greek yoghurt and, then, drizzle some CBD oil. Depending on your preference, you can top your oatmeal with some fresh berries.

  1. Make Some CBD Smoothies And Shakes

For people who have a hectic lifestyle, they won’t have the time and energy to prepare meals from scratch. These individuals would choose meals that are easy to prepare, but are still packed with the essential nutrients that their bodies need.

CBD smoothies and shakes are also convenient alternatives for people who are always on the go. You can make these beverages simply by adding a few drops of CBD oil to them.

Since CBD has a strong flavor, it’s best if you add in a few drops of the product first and, then, adjust if you feel like it tastes bland. Avoid putting too much CBD oil at once as this can make your smoothie or shake taste bitter.

Talk To A Pro

The use of CBD can become your ticket to maintaining or improving your health. Because this is a natural compound, people around the world would prefer to use CBD-infused products than over-the-counter medications as long-term use of the former won’t damage their organs.

Before you do the same, make sure to first consult your doctor about your plans on using CBD. CBD products have different effects on the human body, so it’s important to seek professional help to avoid any side effects and serious health risks.

I'm NOT a doctor! I'm just passionate about health and healthy leaving. The information on this website, such as graphics, images, text and all other materials, is provided for reference and educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. The content is not intended to be complete or exhaustive or to apply to any specific individual's medical condition.