How to Keep Kids Fit and Active in a Post Pandemic World

Keep Kids Fit and Active in a Post Pandemic World
Keep Kids Fit and Active in a Post Pandemic World

Thanks to the global Covid-19 pandemic, many schools across America have been forced to switch to virtual classes to keep teaching kids from home. While these measures are helping to ensure that transmission rates stay low, they have a big impact on children and their overall health.

Learning from home means that many children are no longer receiving the benefits of gym glass and access to playground equipment that helps keep their bodies and minds active. According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children aged three to five should be physically active throughout the day to maintain the right levels of growth and development for their age. Children of school-going age typically need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day. This can be tough to achieve in a home setting, which is why we have compiled a list of tips for parents so they can ensure their little ones stay fit and active while homeschooling.

Create an Exercise Schedule

One of the most important aspects of school that many children will miss, subconsciously, for the most part, is the structure and order of the school day. Children like to know what to expect from their day, so setting up an exercise schedule can help create a feeling of order in a difficult time.

During these scheduled times, parents can set out reasonable fitness challenges for their children so that they feel like they are working towards something each day. Meeting these goals will give children a sense of achievement that they would otherwise get from mastering a new sports technique in gym class at school.

Make Exercise Time a Family Activity

Children are often more likely to get involved in an activity in which other members of the household are already engaged in. Taking family walks, backyard yoga sessions with mom and dad, or even a game of soccer in the back yard are great ways to get kids exercising while also building relationships within the whole family.

Explore Options in Your Neighborhood

While exercising at home is always an option, many children crave the chance to get out of the house that comes with playing in their local park or playground. While several safety regulations should be taken into account when visiting a public facility, playing at a neighborhood park can be a great way for kids to relax and unwind while getting their daily dose of exercise.

The CDC recommends that families try and keep their park visits local so, if your neighborhood doesn’t have a play area already, consider approaching the community to set one up. Playground Structures from a company such as Play & Park Structures are specially designed to be dynamic and engaging and can be a great addition to a neighborhood. Play & Park offer a range of prebuilt units as well as the ability to customize sets, so finding the right Playground Structures for the neighborhood’s needs should be easy.

Keep Kids Fit and Active in a Post Pandemic World
Keep Kids Fit and Active in a Post Pandemic World

Keeping fit and active is equally important for children as it is for adults, so making sure the children in your home get enough exercise each day is vital. By following some of these tips, parents can help ensure their children’s development is not hampered more than it needs to be by the pandemic.

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