How to Make Any Meal a Superfood

How to Make Any Meal a Superfood
How to Make Any Meal a Superfood

As the saying goes ‘you are what you eat’ then why not pay a little more attention to what on your plate, with just a few changes you can master how to make any meal a superfood.

The term superfood is used mostly as a marketing tool to give some items a higher standing in the nutrition scale, and while some elements do deserve to be called a superfood, what actually matters is how well balanced your meals are.

Think about it no one meal can do it all because each food has its own nutritional values, but the perfect match between them can put your body and mind on the road to better health, performance, and quality of life.

One of the best things about learning how to make any meal a superfood is that it’s not that hard, there no crazy effort required, and most people can get the hang of it pretty fast:

Get some extra help

When you are getting started having all the right things can be challenging, so it doesn’t hurt to look toward supplements that can meet your needs safely and fast.

One of the most popular options is thc oil, it is especially helpful for people who need:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Skin issues
  • Eye health
  • Appetite balance
  • And as a complementary aid in the treatment for cancer or seizures

There are plenty of options out there to get what you need in your meals and for many people, it means adding healthy supplements to their superfood.

Keep it colorful

It’s not just about the aesthetics, although a colorful plate does look better than a plain one, the benefits of color in your meals go beyond the Instagram food pic.

Color means nutrients, it’s a symbol of a strong healthy harvest, a variety of foods that bring different values and it’s probably going to be tastier.

This is an essential tip to keep in mind at the supermarket, when in doubt on what to get, go for the rainbow in your veggies, fruits, even meats and cars, this applies to healthy natural color only.

Going for color is a big step in learning how to make any meal a superfood

Fresh is best

Eating what’s in season isn’t such an old concept, it’s what societies used to do, convenience and industry have made so that people can have anything all the time, but like pumpkin-flavored coffee, it’s best to go with the seasons when it comes to food.

Buying produce that’s in season means you are getting the best version of that food, full of nutrients, healthy, and more likely to be a superfood than off-season items.

There are all kinds of tools to do this, no need to memorize the seasons of produce, you can look it up before shopping or go to local markets and see what’s dominating the stands.

Local is good

Buying local has all kinds of benefits for getting you closer to making any meal a superfood, here are a few of the positives of going local:

  • In-season products
  • Fewer pesticides and chemicals
  • Supports local industries

Take some time to get to know your local markets and producers, it is time well spent!

Timing is key

Eating is not just about food, it’s shocking but true, a healthy diet and how to make any meal a superfood is also about time.

There is a delicate balance here because you can’t and shouldn’t ignore hunger pains, but you should still keep a set schedule for eating meals.

One of the main keys to great nutrition is to create healthy habits around food and eating at certain times is one of those, that way your body gets ready to digest, it stores energy, and your diet compliments your daily routine.

Joy in food

For a lot of people dealing with food and diets is overwhelming can even be traumatic, since there has been a culture surrounding nutrition that focused on outside expectations instead of health goals.

Let your path to learning how to make any meal a superfood be about getting the most out of what you put in your body and not about looking a certain way, mealtime should be a stress-free occurrence.

If you need to change how you deal with nutrition, remember to be gentle with yourself, take small steps, and choose health over every other factor.

Having a healthy relationship with eating is an essential part of having not only a superfood but a better quality of life, making the right choices for you is easier when you are not thinking about outside pressures.

Enjoy your superfood!