How to Prevent and/or Manage Hot Flushes during Menopause

Prevent Hot Flushes during Menopause

Many women are not very clear about the hormonal changes experienced by the body after menopause. Hence, they mistake hot flushes with general redness and warmth of the body. During menopause, hot flushes are a common problem from which many women suffer. This problem is also seen commonly during the perimenopausal stage. According to facts more than 70% women suffer from the problem of menopause. Many of the times sweats also occur in women post the age of fifty along with hot flushes.

Hot Flushes – Understanding them

Hot flushes are a sudden feeling of heat that starts from the chest, goes to the neck and face creating warmth within the body, particularly the upper portion. At times, hot flushes are also accompanied by a sudden feeling of nausea or not feeling well. Reddening of the skin is the consequence of hot flushes.

  • In some women, hot flushes can continue for long after the menopause i.e. for years.
  • The frequency of hot flushes also varies considerably from women – women. This may vary from seconds to minutes as well.
  • At times, night sweats are also experienced by some women during hot flushes.

Prevent Hot Flushes Menopause

Preventing hot flushes – Changes in regular habits

Eradicating or eliminating the occurrence of hot flushes might not be possible, whereas there are known triggers that may escalate the frequency of hot flushes.

  • You may want to decrease the level of coffee, tea or anything that contains caffeine.
  • Levels of alcohol and spicy food should also be reduced.
  • Cigarette smoking should not only be reduced but should be completely stopped if possible as this is highest trigger.
  • Avoid taking any kind of stress and for the same different forms of exercises and or meditation, yoga, swimming etc. can be great for the body.
  • Avoiding excessive heat and wearing light colored clothes can be best

The above points may not completely stop hot flushes but may limit their frequency.

Other treatments for Hot Flushes

Hot flushes can also be treated by other changes, namely:

  • Prescription drugs i.e. drugs prescribed by the physician for hot flushes.
  • Lifestyle changes i.e. changes in regular habits,
  • Acupuncture is also practiced for treating hot flushes
  • Psychological treatments
  • Hormonal replacement therapy

Hot Flushes Menopause

Exercises during hot flushes – help you prevent the heat

  1. Yoga

Yoga is known as a stress buster and helps to relieve tension. And since stress is considered as a trigger for hot flushes during menopause, yoga can help put down the pressure.

  1. Ice for cooling

This may not sound like the perfect way to cool for long term duration, but it is great for a shorter period. When you feel hot flush coming up, you can put a bag of ice or frozen peas towards your neck. Slightly rubbing across the cheeks as well as the neck can also be a great idea.

The article has helped explain you all about managing hot flushes during menopause.

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