Improve Your Sleep Quality by Changing Your Bed Sheets

Your whole quality of life depends on multiple factors, including diet, regular exercise, regular visit to your physician, social life, stress level (private and work related), and of course, sleep quality. Face it, you can do without a steak, and can make it through the day without 5 miles of running, you can even quit your job to lower your stress level, but you cannot make it without a good night sleep.

And what determines a good night sleep, or even better, what determines a good sleep quality? Good sleep quality is defined as a basic need for a person to function normally, both bio-psycho-social and cultural. The feeling of rest and feeling energetic after a sleep session can be described as a good sleep quality, and without it you risk development of medical disease and conditions, some mild, but some very serious as insomnia or other sleep disorder.

There are many factors that impact your sleep quality, amongst the most important are environments, diet, and exercise, regular bedtime, all of which are not as easy to impact and change. The things you can change easily are type of bed, type of bed mattress, and bed sheets, which although sounds silly, can greatly affect your sleep quality.

The type of bed is really not that important, just make sure the bed size is good enough for you, and the bed suspension provides a good lumbar support and you are good to go.

Next step is the mattress, and this one is really important, because without it you will wake up tired and sored, and it must be suitable to your bed and mattress suspension. You can choose from innerspring, memory foam, latex foam or air chamber, and there are many producers and many of them are the best, so you cannot make a terrible mistake, however, don’t save money, a good mattress is not cheap at all! Make sure you change your mattress every 8-10 years, or even sooner if you are waking up with back pain or sored, and when buying it take it first for a test drive, most mattress sellers will allow it. If not satisfied you can return it and change it for a better one.

The last part of the necessary equipment is the bed sheets, and as mentioned before, it sounds funny, but bed sheets can change your entire sleep quality. Bed sheets come from a variety of materials, they can be cotton, silk, synthetics (avoid it), and lately very popular, bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are not new on the market, but as testimonies from satisfied users come day after day, more and more people are very interested in purchasing their own bamboo sheet collection.

Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set
Luxe Bamboo Sheet Set

There are many manufacturers of bamboo bed sheets, and they differ in quality and, of course, in price, and the right bed sheets for you are the one that match the quality versus the price. If you are looking for best quality for a price, you should check Jappor bed bamboo sheets, and although this might sound as a commercial, it is actually more of a recommendation!


The technology they use is quite new, organic bamboo infused bed sheets, made from natural high grade bamboo (not the cheap one backyard furniture is made of), and the best thing is the sheets are odor-resistant and temperature responsive. This means they will keep you warm at winter and cool in summer because of their incredible breathability, and because they don’t absorb odor, you don’t have to wash them as often.

Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, so the sheets are naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, thus giving you asthma and allergy free sleep time. You just pick the right size (all sizes are available), and pick your color from a paleet of colors including white, ivory, gray blue, steel grey, light grey, violet pink, forest, olive green, platinum and taupe.

The advantage of bamboo bed sheets over cotton is that bamboo fibers are finer and softer, and need much less thread count (200-300) compared to high treat count cotton fabric. Silk is also very good, but much pricier than both cotton and bamboo!

Plus the company is tested regularly in accordance to the highest industry standards and is OEKO-TEX® Certified!

In conclusion, for a good sleep quality, try and change the things that are low hanging fruits, like mattress and bed sheets, change the room lighting, keep your most adequate temperature and give it a shot. The other factors are just more complicated, but still try to change them too, eat healthier, don’t drink coffee late in the night, exercise more, and in time, you will surely improve your sleep quality. Have a good night!

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