Instant Home Remedies for Headache-Cure it the easiest way!

In a world of glam-sham and all the glittering sophisticated lifestyles, one is bound to face cut throat competition causing stress and leading  to pain in the ‘Head’ of an individual.  It is evident and can be noticed by observing the life style and amount of stress that one gives to one’s mind going by the deadliest work culture.

The amount of stress is directly related to the amount of greater responsibility one carries.

All such situations leadup to severe tension and feeling of pain in the head of an individual which we generally term as ‘Headache’.

Surprisingly, more than 80 percent of total population suffer from occasional Headache.

 According to a research conducted,

  • 74 percent suffer from tension-type headaches,
  • 11 percentage are victims of migraine headaches
  • 0.4 percent suffers from cluster headaches.

What causes are responsible for the headache?

  •  Stress
  •  Lack of sleep
  •  Physical exhaustion

Now let’s explore what remedies can tackle out this intensified problem:

  • Fish Oil: Compacts the frequency and harshness of migraines and eating some amount of fish can do wonders for you for relaxing your mind.
  • Take Warm Footbaths: Redistributes the blood flow from one area to all over body and mustard powder’s oils stimulate the skin diverting your attention from headache.
  • Ginger: Reinstates the release of matter that makes blood vessels broad which allows the circulation of blood throughout the body and relieving you from stress.
  • Straighten up: Nice posture relaxes your muscles from tensing and aligning eyes above your shoulders will bring significant change in your mental state.
  • Be ready to chill or get shake: Usage of ice on preferred muscles eases a tension headache whereas hot towel or heating pad can drastically reduce your stress. A hot bath or shower also may help.
  • Keep a check on your stress level: A proper organized planning of the activities  that one intends to perform in forthcoming day(s) will help you to gain mental stability for the proposed work to be done further in a peaceful manner.
  • Combo of green tea and lemon: 1 cup of warm water and adding a green tea bag thereby squeezing ½ lemons gives you instant relief from headache.
  • Lemon rind to your rescue: One may get quick relief by applying paste of lemon rind(outer covering)on forehead obtained by chopping and then crushing.
  • Sandalwood‘s miracle: Put on sandalwood powder paste on your forehead and allow to dry. Rub it and then wash your forehead to witness a remarkable change in your pain.
  • Cinnamon powder’s magic: Adding water to 2 tbsp of cinnamon powder turns it to paste which on applying on forehead can bring about a big difference and relief.
  • Jellying Watermelon and sugar: In 1 glass of watermelon juice mix 1 tbsp of sugar and consumption of the mixer leads you to a state of complete pain relieved situation.

Avoiding Headache:

  • No comprise in your meal, take it regularly on time and pay attention to nutrition aspects as well.
  •  Taking Banana and doing Pranayama on regular basis helps you a lot if you are having headache often.
  • When you are experiencing headache, eat something sweet-even a teaspoonful of sugar – for instant relief. Sweet and mild tastes are considered as cure for headaches.
  • Avoiding fried food,  junk food, excess rich food items in your diet like cream, cheese. Drink lots of water.
  • Inclusion of all the fruits and vegetables which Increase intake of protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin D benefits the health in all major aspects.

 ‘Stay fresh : live fresh : eat fresh’

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