Jam tart: a delicious and energic snack!



The jam tart is often underestimated because it was deemed a sweet fat and to avoid. It can bring many benefits to food rather level, especially as energy snacks. In fact the sugars which contains can help the body in training, giving it a lot of energy. This sweet is one of the classics of world pastry cakes: its preparation is well known and fairly simple to perform.

What you need

For the shortbread

  • Flour 00 -> 300g
  • Butter -> 150g
  • Eggs -> 2, or 3 yolks according to the shortbread’s strategy
  • Sugar -> 100g
  • Salt -> a pinch
  • Lemon peel (if you like its flavour)

To stuff

  • Apricot jam -> 500g


To start the preparation of the jam tart you may choose the shortbread’s way of preparation.

With the planetary

If you prefere to use a planetary you can start adding the flour, then the butter from fridge temperature and a pinch of salt. Initiates the planetary and wait while the mixture becomes sandy, then add the sugar, the lemon peel and at last the yolks. Then, after a few minutes, the mixture will be smooth and compact; at this moment wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest in refrigerator for at least half an hour.

By hand

Instead you prefere to work by hand it begins by placing the flour as fountain form on the working surface, add the butter  cut into small pieces and use the pads of your fingers to combine the butter and flour, continue until the mixture becomes sandy. Then add the sugar and finally the whole eggs, which will help you to join the dough making it smooth and compact; at this moment wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest in refrigerator for at least half an hour.

At the end of the rest of the dough roll it out with a rolling pin, being careful not to press to far to prevent it crumbles. It’s not necesary to roll it out too much, but enough to place it in the baking tin (the best diameter is about 24 cm). The dough advancing the positioning into the pan will be useful for the lozenges. So add the jam and then the lozanges, created with a simple serrated knife. Place the tart in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 45-60 minutes. Serve with a dusted of icing sugar.

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