Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese

Wholemeal spaghetti with fresh tomatoes are a classic dish fresh and healthy, easy to prepare in a short time.

What you need

  • Wholemeal spaghetti -> 100g
  • Tomatoes -> 60g
  • Basil -> some leaves
  • Parmesan cheese -> a little bit
  • Evo oil -> 10 ml
  • Salt -> what is necessary
  • Onion -> 1/2


It begins by frying a little ‘in olive oil onion, add the red pepper if you like and then the tomatoes cut into slice with a few leaves of basil. Meanwhile, boil the water, add salt and cook the spaghetti and drain 1-2 minutes before the scheduled time on the packaging. Finally  whisk them with tomatoes and serve, with a handful of Parmesan cheese.


It’s preferable to use fresh tomatoes, which may be ripe, firm, with a little water, few seeds and thin skin. Concerning the flavour little tomatoes are sweeter than the big ones, but it’s better to use big tomatoes if the small one are of low quality or simply ruined. Before cooking them, you can pull out the central part or only the excess fluid. A common mistake that would be better not to make is to cook the tomatoes too long; it’s sufficient just cook about ten minutes, then passing them to the end togheter with pasta.
An other main feature of this meal is the spaghetti cooking time, you have to drain them two minutes before the time listed on the package, as to complete the cooking togheter with the just prepared sauce.

You can keep them closed in the pan for a day a most.

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