Loving is Living

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Loving Relationships

Loving is Living
Loving is Living

Love is often termed as something that does not have any definition and is mostly discussed in the context of metaphysics. Because obviously, we cannot see love, but while intoxicated by it, we experience one of the most blissful times of our lives.

We all know the bliss love creates in our lives that makes us feel warm and happy, but there is more to the benefits of love than meets the eye. Multiple pieces of research have associated love as the cause of numerous health benefits.

Therefore, moving this discussion forward, we have enlisted seven significant health benefits of love.

  1. Reduces depression and drug addiction:

We know that depression and drug addiction go hand in hand, and it is often due to the former that people get involved in the latter. But love has reported playing a significant role in reducing stress and substance abuse.

The logical chain is that loving relationships reduces the feeling of isolation, which reduces depression, and depression is noted to be the leading cause of drug abuse.

  1. Reduces blood pressure:

It is reported by different studies that people who are in loving relationships experience lower blood pressure as compared to those struggling to find positive relationships.

  1. Makes the pain control better:

According to different reports from the CDC, it is stated that people who are in a loving and stable relationship experience fewer headaches and back pains.

Moreover, according to a study published in Psychological Science, women who held their partners’ hands while being threatened to experience an electric shock, showed lesser activity in their pain center.

  1. Reduces the risk of getting sick:

According to reports conducted by different studies, love boosts the immune system of those experiencing this emotion. It means that they are at a lesser risk of getting sick with regular diseases flu and cold.

Moreover, being in a loving relationship makes you want to take care of yourself, which further reduces the chances of getting sick often.

  1. Improves Stress Management:

We keep on looking to manage stress in our lives, and there exist many solutions to it, but none more beautiful than love. Loving increases the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body, which makes you feel happy.

Moreover, being in a positive relationship ensures external support from the partner, which improves the management for stress-inducing tasks.

  1. Heals you faster:

A positive relationship does not only offer love but also generates support for each other, especially in times of medical and financial hardships.

A study conducted by Ohio State University involved giving blisters to loving and unloving couples, and proved that the formed healed faster because of their love and support for each other.

  1. Makes you live longer:

There has been a consistent increase in scholarship on the causal connection of healthy marriages and mortality rates. And multiple studies have reaffirmed the connection that people in a healthy relationship live longer because they feel loved and socially connected.

In a nutshell, we shall realize that loving relationships have very tangible health benefits, and most of them can be linked to the happiness and social connection that such relationships generate. Therefore, we must strive to look for positive relationships and do your best to avoid toxic ones.

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