Lunch your Kids love to Munch

Parents of growing kids are worried for a primary reason – food! Kids love tasty “somethings” while parents are concerned more on the health front. Half eaten lunch boxes, half eaten dinners and lunch are common incidents in the routines.

If we get both parameters working together – kids and parents both can be equally satisfied and happy. Follow these steps and let’s see if it works:

Get your kids to suggest you the kind of food they like. Their suggestions will free you off your inhibitions; make the food tasty and add your health quotient into it.

Leftover foods aren’t harmful. They can be used for lunches – some foods leave lingering taste for long. A tasty leftover from previous night’s dinner can be a healthy option.

Organize your upcoming week’s diet in advance – on a Sunday. This helps you to prepare and schedule your kid’s diet. Also, it will avoid last minute fidgety approach to lunch packing.

Make foods that can be easily eaten. Kids might want to spend lunch hour in some activities. If foods become difficult to deal with – you might find the lunch box returning untouched.



The global favorite food is sandwich with different flavors, makes and tastes is sandwich and a ready to make lunch for your kid. Sandwiches cut in proper sizes make it easy for the kids to not work much on their lunch. If lunch requires more than necessary effort, there are more chances of it coming back.



All time favorite fruits include apples. Have sliced apples, pears with a dash of lemon juice to avoid browning, peaches, bananas, grapes and melons are not only healthy – they are also juicy. It keeps the kids hydrated with the juice content of the fruits especially if kids are involved in physical activities like dancing, sports or martial arts.



Fruit or vegetable juices do the trick and so does milk – instant energizers.



Crackers or baked chips, pretzels – lighter snacks and less efforts; chocolates are going to be a child’s favorite forever – so don’t miss out that in your kid’s lunch box (only in limited proportions ofcourse). It’s a tasty energy supplementing eatable – kids love chocolates!

So next time when your kid throws a tantrum for lunch, plan out a lunch pattern with your child – make it healthy and tasty!

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