Magic of Ayurveda to Cure Prostate Issues in Men – Home Remedy

Prostate problem ayurvedic solution

Water requirement is essential for the human body, of course anyone. It is vital to take water sip by sip and not gallop water in one go.

Scientific studies have revealed people who intake water in one go suffer from many medical disorders as compared to those who drink water slow and steadily i.e. sip by sip. If you follow this system, whether you believe it or not, then there are lesser chances of getting prone to liver and kidney disorder.

Prostate problem in men and ayurvedic solution

Remedy #1 – The right way to drink water, can actually help cure Prostate Issues in Men

Consuming water by in-taking in the mouth and holding it and then gulping it enables the salivary glands to be active as the saliva gets diluted and enters your digestive tract.

  • Many people who are suffering from issues of Prostate and appendix are the ones who are actually people gulping water in one go. Sooner or later, they are the very patients who need to have dialysis and suffer kidney based health issues.
  • This enables to increase digestion in the system and your salivary gland to generates saliva.

drinking water prostate

Remedy #2 – Dates with Lukewarm Water – Cures Prostate Issues in Men

One of the alternate methods is to have dates. Dates helps in resolving bowel issues by having them with lukewarm water. This might sound a bit strange to you, but it definitely reduces the problem. This problem can be resolved in children also who have issues of bedwetting. The bowel holding capacity stays strong and dates help to clear up the system of all the toxins through urine.

The change is apparently effective for men suffering from Prostate and who face problems in passing urine. These simple home-ready remedies will give good long term effect for Kidney and urine related issues.

dates with milk for prostate

Infants and Elder people

Another issue which is commonly seen in elderly people is that they need to frequently urinate during night time as the retention capacity of the urinary bladder is week. The best remedy for this is drinking milk with small pieces of dates boiled in milk. You might not believe this, but this remedy can also be used for small babies who urinate frequently at night.

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