Mood Disorders: Swings your lady suffers from – Better understand than suffer

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Talking about mood disorder refers to bipolar disorder or depression from which many women suffer. When talking about mood disorder, the fair gender is the one that is maximum suffering from this problem. The problem of mood disorder in women, usually leads to their men suffering all the more badly. Hence it best to understand the problem than you suffering from it. I think that can be your best bet in saving yourself and your relationship.

Now you believe it or not, but a lady suffers from end number of things which when compared to men are numerous. So there are times when she may feel depressed or low and times when she might feel great. Being close to your wife or girlfriend, make her feel special and as if she is the only one that matters to you most. Believe me, this can be your best shot to get her worries relieved and feel nice again!

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Reasons of mood swings

Before taking a leap into different mood disorders and swings, let’s first understand the basic reasons behind mood swings. Below enlisted are few of the common reasons why mood disorders take place:

  • Pregnancy
  • Financial Crunch in the family
  • Emotional stress
  • Inappropriate eating habits
  • Guilt for something in the past
  • Insomnia or hyper somina
  • Low self – esteem

Causes of Mood disorders – Understanding the scientific terms

There are chemicals present in the brain which causes positive and negative mood swings. The chemical imbalance in the brain causes a stress in the mind and a person suffers from mood swings.

Endorphin is a chemical present in the brain that causes positive mood variations, whereas other chemical present in the brain is neurotransmitter that regulates positive chemical endorphin. This chemical imbalance causes shifts and changes in mood of a person.

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What are the different kinds of mood disorders she can suffer?

Let’s understand the different forms of mood disorders she can suffer from:

  1. Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar disorder is a form of depression, commonly referred as manic depression. In this condition, a woman suffers from varied shifts in mood. The shift is so high, that you won’t believe, that a woman might feel she is on top of the world whereas after sometime goes into complete depression.
  2. Major Depression: The general form of depression which remains for about ten to fifteen days is major depression. The usual activities are affected in this form of depression.
  3. Dysthymia: Commonly referred to as ‘dysthymic disorder’, this mood disorder prolongs for about two years in the patient.

Diagnosis of mood disorders

Mood disorders can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist or any qualified mental health professional.

Treatment of mood disorders

Treatment for mood disorder can be done once the medical professional will check your medical history, age, the type of mood disorder and other conditions required.

Common medications used for mood disorders and mood swings are anti – depressants, therapies including psychotherapy and family therapy etc.

The above article will help you understand the mood disorders that your lady is suffering from. Best is to detect it at early stages since family and friend therapies work wonders which the doctor’s therapy doesn’t even do. Love your lady, give her maximum attention and make her days special!

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