Natural Tips for Pregnant Women to Have Normal Delivery

Natural Tips for Pregnant Women
Natural Tips for Pregnant Women

Natural Tips for Pregnant Women to Have Normal Delivery, Healthy Baby, and Less Complications after Delivery


There are various other names used for normal delivery like vaginal delivery or unmedicated delivery. In this procedure the baby is delivered through the birth canal of the mother without surgical intervention, naturally. No medications or surgery is used during this type of childbirth. Usually the mothers can attain it if there are no complications. Every mother deserves a normal and healthy delivery as the recovery is faster and also postnatal difficulties are negligible as compared to those going through C-section or surgery for childbirth. This article is all about the tips and ways through which a mother can attain or increase chances of having normal vaginal delivery with a healthy baby and less complications after it.


Most of the women are capable of having a natural or vaginal childbirth but due to some medical complications the surgical intervention is the only option left. Every woman wants a natural delivery because of its less complications and healthy recovery post-delivery. Many women also opt for the C-section delivery due to the fear and anxiety of delivery but in the long term this can be the reason for many complications like delayed recovery as compared to the natural delivery. Vaginal delivery is just a normal method of giving birth to a child and usually it is not difficult unless the woman has any medical condition.

Normal Pregnancy

There are also certain factors which increases the chances of you having an unmedicated delivery like

  • Having previously vaginal delivery
  • Absence of any underlying health condition like hypertension or asthma which can make labor difficult
  • Having normal weight because being overweight decreases the chances of having normal delivery
  • Pregnancy without any complications
  • Being physically active and fit during whole pregnancy
  • All the vitals like blood sugar, blood pressure and hemoglobin is under control

Although there is no shortcut to having a normal vaginal delivery, you can attain it or increase the chances of having it by following some of the lifestyle and dietary tips.

  1. Being stress free- Usually it is common to be slightly stressed during pregnancy but having too much of stress, fear, anxiety and negative thoughts and emotions can lead to increased difficulties for you. For being stress free try some meditation, listen to good and soothing music, read good books, be in company of positive and friendly people and avoid indulging with the horror stories of childbirth, it can make pregnancy a nightmare for you.
  2. Gain knowledge about childbirth- Having good knowledge about the procedure and techniques can help in clearing the doubts and prevent useless fear and anxiety. You can get this knowledge from your doctor, books about delivery, and most importantly from the elders like mother and other experienced positive ladies in your family.
  3. Doctors should be chosen wisely, keeping in mind today’s era where many doctors indulge in just business techniques to get more and more money from the patients by going for C-section instead of normal delivery even if there are no complications. Look for the rates of normal delivery they have at their clinic, their views about vaginal delivery and reviews about them from someone trusted.
  4. Having a strong support from your partner and family is also necessary as it helps in clearing your fears and boosts the confidence about the way of childbirth.
  5. Perineal massage regularly and in the correct way can help you a lot in making your body ready for normal vaginal delivery. You can do this yourself but yes first learn it from someone experienced. You can start it from the seventh month which will help in dealing with labor and manage stress as well.
  6. Remaining hydrated is very necessary. Water is always necessary for good health and during pregnancy its importance increases. Water helps in giving body strength and stamina for labor and you can have fresh juices as well
  7. Your postures are very important during pregnancy as they help a baby to glide easily and smoothly. Misalignment of the body makes it difficult for the baby if you sit or stand for a long time, sleep in improper postures or wear heels. All these things can cause pain in the body or swelling of legs as well.
  8. Water therapy or hydrotherapy can also help in easing the pain during labor and also reduce the discomfort during pregnancy. In this you can use a bathtub filled with water at room temperatures and sitting in it for some times eases discomfort and relaxes the body.
  9. Do not put on too much weight. Gaining weight is important in pregnancy but to a certain extent as being overweight can make it difficult for you to have normal delivery due to the big size of the baby or difficulty in monitoring the baby while you are in the labor. A woman should also not be underweight as they lack stamina and energy which is required for a normal vaginal delivery procedure.
  10. Eating right is a must during pregnancy. You should have a good amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, legumes and meat. A woman’s body requires an extra quantity of iron hence keep that more in diet or you can also have supplements along with it.
  11. Avoid having retinol, organ meat and take seafood in less amounts. Also avoid eating street or junk food which increases the chances of obesity and infections. A pregnant woman should also completely avoid alcohol and smoking in any form as it harms the child as well as weakens the inner body of the lady damaging stamina and energy.
  12. It is very important for you to be physically active during the pregnancy in order to have healthy and normal vaginal delivery. Being active also decreases the chances of having complications and also makes you feel healthy and comfortable. You can also try some exercises and certain yoga postures during pregnancy but this needs to be done only under expert’s supervision.M
  13. Indulge in simple breathing exercises which can help in relieving the stress and anxiety during pregnancy and also increases the chances of having normal delivery. You can try breathing from the stomach and chest or shallow and deep breathing alternatively.


Woman’s body is designed naturally for having a normal vaginal delivery of the child without any surgical intervention, epidural or even painkillers. Hence this phrase itself strengthens the chances of normal delivery, it is the only right way which needs to be adapted in order to prevent any medical condition and have unmedicated delivery. A woman should opt for normal delivery because it is healthier for both mother and baby, aids breastfeeding as c-section can interfere with it, faster recovery after delivery, prevent long stay in hospital, and enhances the immune system of the baby to get proper dose of good bacteria while passing through the birth canal of mother.