Parents, Bring Your Kids to a Podiatrist if You Notice These on Their Feet


As your kids grow taller and older, they’re going to rely on their feet so much. During this stage, your kids’ extremities will be the most used part of their bodies. That’s why you must take care of their feet and watch them closely.

Keeping their feet healthy at the early stage of their life will help them, even more, when they grow up. These two feet will be their support for the rest of their lives so it’s only right to take care of them as early as now.

To help you maintain your kids’ feet healthy, below are some of the signs that you need to watch out for. If you notice these on your kids’ feet, have them checked by a podiatrist for treatment.

  1. Growing Pains

It’s only natural for your kids to feel pain, especially on their legs and feet as they grow up. These pains are what they call growth spurts that are perfectly normal during the teenage phase.

The main reason why these pains happen is that your kid’s body grows so much in such a period that the other parts of the body are having a hard time trying to keep up. As a result, the lower body experiences too much pain.

To somehow ease the pain of your kids, you can massage their feet and legs lightly. But if the pain doesn’t assuage, it’s time that you consult a podiatrist.

  1. Intoeing

This is a condition wherein both feet are turned inward when walking or running. People who suffer from this condition are often called pigeon-toed.

If your kids also have this condition, make sure to have them checked by a podiatrist. When you visit a podiatry clinic, you will be asked about your pregnancy, delivery, and your child’s physical development. This way, the doctor can understand the condition better.

To treat your kid’s condition, the podiatrist might need to change your kid’s posture and everyday shoes. Your kid will also have to do several exercises for the treatment.

  1. Tiptoeing

Tiptoeing is a condition wherein kids walk without their heels without touching the floor. Tiptoeing or toe walking is believed to be the result of developmental issues. This condition is also often linked to autism, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy.

If you notice toe walking in your children, bring them to a podiatrist as soon as possible. Because in some cases, children need to undergo surgery to treat tiptoeing.

  1. Increased tripping

Tripping is completely normal. Especially for kids who love to play, run, and jump around. What’s not normal is when your kid trips all the time. Increased tripping could be a sign of weak muscles and joints which fail to support the body.

If you always see your kids tripping, book an appointment with a podiatrist and have your child checked.

  1. Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are very common in adults, but not in children. That’s why you have to watch your kid’s toes closely just in case ingrown nails grow on them.

If you happen to see one or two ingrown nails, it’s probably because of heavy objects that fell directly on their toes, or their nails were badly cut, or they’re wearing shoes that don’t match the exact size of their feet.

Once you’ve seen ingrown nails on your kid’s feet, have them checked by a podiatrist. Never ignore this condition because it can be painful for your child. Also, ingrown nails are always prone to infections, so they need to be treated as soon as possible.

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