Smart Drugs
Smart Drugs

There has been a controversial debate on smart drugs and its effects on a person’s mental health. Smart drugs are intriguing products that are made to help individuals enhance their cognitive abilities including focus, memory, concentration, attention, and general cognition.

Meanwhile, smart drugs are also sometimes referred to as nootropics, and there are many people who seem to be confused between the two. Are they the same, or is one a category of another? This article will tell you all about smart drugs and its pros and cons.

Smart Drugs: What Is That?

Smart drugs are also known as nootropics. These are substances, supplements, and medications that are created to enhance some feature of mental performance. Smart drugs are comprised of the most common stimulants including caffeine, herbal supplements such as ginseng, and other medication generally prescribed for illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, narcolepsy, and ADHD. Further, these substances enhance memory, learning and other cognitions in a general sense.

How Do Smart Drugs Work?

Smart drugs act as neurotransmitters, working their way within the brain and speed up the transfer of chemicals. In other terms, it alters the exchange of brain chemicals.

Typically, there are minimal side effects, but they are generally considered safe when consumed as written in their packaging. Special care must be practiced for people with underlying medical conditions, or are under other medications. The same treatment must be given to children and pregnant women because there are yet to be data on the long-term effects of these substances for these groups.

The Pros and Cons of Smart Drugs or Nootropics

The variety of nootropics of smart drugs is becoming widely known and used for improving one’s cognitive abilities. Let us examine the pros and cons of smart drugs to help you further understand what it can do to your mental well-being.

The Pros

Focus and Attention

There is a reason why a type of smart drug is well-known for highschool and college students. Smart drugs are very useful when it comes to maintaining focus and attention. Most people who consume these type of smart drugs do it for the purpose of completing student and professional responsibilities.

  • Focus on tasks: Some students and professionals use smart drugs to maintain focus during studying or at work. It is also being used on those with ADHD/ADD to help them focus on even the most basic tasks.
  • Boosts energy and motivation: The majority of these stimulants are also used to improve motivation and energy. For instance, even the most common stimulant such as caffeine is considered a smart drug that is very useful for maintaining focus. Combining caffeine with L-theanine has shown significant influence on boosting energy thus maintaining motivation and focus on a task.

Neuro Protection and Memory Retention

Smart drugs also help improve an individual’s memory retention. We cannot count how many instances we wished we could remember everything better. The Racetam family of nootropics can help you retain memories easier.

  • Treating memory problems: A well-researched smart drug called piracetam has been used to treat memory problems such as senile dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Provide neuro protection: Racetam analogs such as oxiracetam and aniracetam also helped provide neuro protection. These drugs are highly beneficial for those with brain-related trauma, which was either caused by chemical incidents or physical accidents.

The Cons

Smart drugs may also have a few disadvantages, but not very harmful. The misuse of smart drugs can harm you though. The following are some disadvantages of nootropics:

  • The downsides: Some students believe that the perks of using smart drugs are worthwhile. However, there are a few downsides such as insomnia, dehydration, and loss of appetite. In some cases, there may be a feeling of “come-down” when the drugs begin to wear off.
  • Potential for addiction: Some people struggle with self-control regarding abusing smart drugs. Some students or workers may become dependent to these smart drugs and refuse to go a day without using them.
  • Possible overdose: People who consume smart drugs without a prescription can find harmful effects. This is because they do not know the appropriate dosage and when to use it safely. Taking the wrong amounts of smart drugs can cause toxicity.

Are Nootropics Right For You?

It is wise to know your goals in life to help you determine whether smart drugs are right for you. If you aim to perform better in school or at work, then smart drugs may be in your best interest. However, if you are only trying to be healthy, then you may not need mart drugs.

Smart drugs are for those who want to remember things better, maintain attention and focus, and generally function more efficiently. All those tasks are possible with the right type of smart drug and the appropriate dosage. Also, make sure to purchase quality nootropics from trusted sellers.


It is important to know the pros and cons of smart drugs for your mental health before consuming any similar supplements. There are plenty of smart drugs by TheNootropicsReview, so you can check them out if you need nootropics and want to know which smart drug is right for you.

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