Quick Tips to Get Most Out of a Virtual Fitness Session

The government-mandated public gym closures opened new avenues for the fitness industry. It acted as a catalyst, fuelling the growth of the virtual fitness industry. This infographic by Rubcorp shares how more and more people are riding on the virtual fitness bandwagon. Over 40 percent of consumers are paying for virtual fitness services from new businesses.

Whether you are considering joining a virtual fitness program or already are a part of one, we have some valuable tips to help you get the most out of it.

  1. Do Your Research

Consider your fitness goals before choosing a program or the fitness instructor. For more mainstream goals like getting a toned body, people prefer someone who specializes in training for fat loss and muscle building.

Visit the trainer’s website or go through their social profile to gauge their expertise. Watch the videos they post. Also, read the reviews and testimonials on their site.

Once you are clear on the type of fitness routine you’ll be following, weigh your options. If required, ask the fitness center for a demo session to evaluate your level of comfort and the quality of training imparted.

  1. Set Up a Suitable Environment for the Session

Not all homes have the right set up for virtual fitness sessions. Nevertheless, you’ll need a space that partly resembles a gym environment and allows you to get the best out of the training.

Set up your screen and adjust the camera angle before the session starts to avoid last-minute hiccups. Do a trial run to ensure that you can converse with your trainer easily.

Keep clutter off the workout area, allowing you to move around without bumping into anything or hurting yourself. Make sure you have your exercise equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, cross-training suspension straps, and weighted ropes handy.

  1. Communicate Openly

We, humans, have entered the virtual realm; yet, we depend on open and real-world ways to understand each other’s challenges and emotions. Hence, we should be clear in our own minds on what we intend, expect, and need.

Communicating openly during the virtual fitness sessions will help your trainer understand your fitness goals and tailor a program that suits your abilities. Also, share your health and fitness history.

For instance, talk to them about the exercise regimen you’ve been following so far. Have you encountered any injuries? Do you suffer from co-morbid conditions?

Also, talk openly about your experience and challenges when doing a specific exercise. This will go a long way in preventing workout injuries.

  1. Ask for Advice and Feedback

Virtual fitness trainers are more than eager to offer advice and feedback to their patrons. Trainers also play a critical role in pushing you outside of your comfort zone and motivating you to achieve your fitness goals.

Seek feedback from them on your performance and diet plan. Understand how they plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Finally, use their expertise to make an informed decision when investing in expensive gym equipment.

  1. Stick to the Routine

Work with your trainer to chart out a practical fitness routine. Plan how you will accommodate the fitness sessions on busy days. Support your workout with a nutritious diet to keep your body energized and speed up muscle recovery.


Virtual fitness is new to all of us. However, it’s the best way to stay fit and active from home. As you adjust to this new way of working out, the tips shared above will help you get maximum results from your virtual fitness sessions.

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