Understand Right Sleeping Postures – Health Facts from Physics & Ancient India

Vishnu Purana, considered one of the most important Hindu religions texts, says: “It is beneficial to lie down with the head placed eastward or southward. The man who lies down with his head placed in contrary directions becomes diseased.”

Why not to face North? What is the scientific Logic?

Surprisingly the right sleeping position has a lot to do with earth’s magnetic characteristics. First, let’s revisit general science & known facts:

  • Earth has two magnetic poles: 1) North Pole and 2) South Pole
  • Human Body has two ends: 1) Head (North end) and 2) Foot (South end)
  • As per basic physics: North end of Magnet vs North end of other Magnet causes repulsion

Earth magnetic field sleeping position magnetic-field-human-body sleeping position

Sleeping postures are explained with the help of magnets present on the earth’s surface i.e. the northern magnet reflects our head but the Southern magnet reflects our feet. This positioning is vital to understand while sleeping as north side of the earth’s magnet and the north side of your body causes repulsion. This can be easily explained by the phenomenon of like poles repel whereas unlike poles attract. So if the head (north end of body) is set in the north direction (north pole of earth) and stay that way for 3 to 4 hours, then it will create repulsion and as a result of which body will contract or curl. One can not relax while contraction but when expanded.

earth and human magnet

Also, the sleep postures affect our health in a serious way

Let us look at how healthy sleeping postures increase better lifestyle:

  • Try to sleep facing the left side of your body
  • In case due to any situation you are not able to do so, try doing “vajrasan” for 10 minutes before you go to sleep
  • Have a walk after your supper
  • When you sleep, ensure your head is in the eastern direction
  • At the time of making love, the husband and wife should be doing with the head in the southern side
  • While sleeping, ensure that you breathe through your stomach and not your chest
  • Body has an automatic system. You can set off the alarm inside your body by thinking strongly when you want to wake up and automatically at that time your body will wake you up
  • While sleeping, it is essential to breathe with the help of the stomach, whereas while you are working, you should breathe with the help of the chest.
  • While sleeping at night, you should sleep with your back down and face upwards
  • For insomniacs, it is better to start with trying to sleep on the right and then get back to upright position. Keep your hands folded between chest and stomach
  • Always wake up from your right side. Turn to your right side and then wake up
  • Ideal position to sleep is the way infants sleep; one is to keep one leg up and the other leg straight
  • When women are having menstruation, women can sleep on their stomach. During menstruation the womb tries to expand in its position so sleeping on the belly is good sleep postures and styles can enable you to increase body freshness and you shall not face any sleep related or sleep induced disorders.

The body is a biological clock, especially your mind, wherein you can easily take rest for the number of hours you are willing. This way you don’t require using an alarm clock.

The above mentioned points have to be kept in mind while sleeping and you can follow the postures elucidated.

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