Skincare Secrets That Every Beauty Blogger Swears By

With so many beauty bloggers out there and with all of them doing their own thing, sometimes we get lost in all the content. Beauty influencers are a great source of information, but with such diverse recommendations, as consumers, we need to filter out what works for us and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to skincare.

So we’ve gone through hours and hours of content from many bloggers, and we give you 5 beauty secrets they all swear by.


All beauty bloggers with flawless skin claim they wear sunscreen on a daily basis, with no exceptions. The detrimental effects of UV ray exposure on the skin can never be stressed enough. They include sunburns, premature aging, sun damage in the form of wrinkles, unwanted freckles and hyperpigmentation, and even actinic keratosis, an early sign of UV radiation that can cause skin cancer.

So if there’s one piece of beauty advice every beauty blogger will give you is to wear sunscreen every day, no matter the weather. This means in winter, too. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s really as simple as applying a thin layer of a lightweight SPF (at least 15, but higher protection won’t hurt) before you apply foundation. Bear in mind, though, that even if a foundation claims to contain SPF, this is generally not enough to provide protection.

Permanent Makeup

Our skin is inevitably irritated and damaged by everyday use of makeup, and its removal. Every time we apply our makeup, we clog our pores, and makeup removers, no matter how gentle or harsh, dry out our skin and can never remove 100% of the product.

That’s one of the reasons why so many beauty bloggers are trying permanent makeup. Beauty treatments that imitate the look of makeup by depositing organic pigments into the upper layer of the skin can effectively replace regular makeup products since they look fabulous and last up to 2 years. One of the most popular treatments is microblading eyebrows for a natural look. The results of microblading can replace reapplying brow makeup, and give a natural thickness no topical product ever will.

It’s no wonder so many influencers are loving this your-brow-but-better look!


If you’ve been considering treating yourself to a facial, this is the one to go with. 

An intense form of exfoliation with microcrystals, microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments in salons, which is not surprising given its manifold effects. It can significantly improve the overall look and texture of the skin, diminish the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and virtually any other skin imperfection.

It is done by trained professionals, and can cause mild swelling and tenderness for a few hours following the procedure, and in rare cases, minor bruising. A small price to pay for a terrific skin transformation!

Face Oils

In 2020, oils have definitely emerged as the biggest skincare trend. From DIY mixtures made by raiding your kitchen cabinet, to luxurious products, the benefits of using plant oils in skincare have finally been recognized.

Naturally rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and fatty acids, plant oils seal in moisture as no retinol-based product can. They can be used for makeup removal, as a moisturizer, and even as makeup if you want to gloss up your lips or cheekbones. 

Contrary to the popular belief, natural oils don’t clog pores. So while the feeling of wearing oils on your face may take some getting used to, your skin will thank you for giving it a break from heavy chemicals and synthetic ingredients. 

Activated Charcoal

An unattractive-looking, but super-effective ingredient. In the last decade or so, activated charcoal or carbon has found its use in more mainstream wellness, including beneficial effects on intestinal health, oral hygiene, and teeth whitening (lo and behold, the infamous black toothpaste), and even as a deodorant!

But perhaps the most surprising use of activated charcoal is as a skincare ingredient. The combination of its texture and chemical properties allows for a deep cleanse. It can extract microparticles like dust, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and toxins from pores. So next time you run out or exfoliant, pick one with activated charcoal.

Extra Tip

This year has brought on many challenges, and an unexpected nuisance we’ve had to deal with is maskne – bumps and rashes that emerge in the areas where protective masks rub against the skin. Luckily, beauty bloggers have come up with ways to diminish them, the most obvious one being avoiding heavy makeup on the lower part of the face, or switching to masks made of smooth fabric, like silk.

If none of this helps, salicylic acid is the fail-proof solution, but be prepared for some dryness!

Mia Taylor is 33 year old blogger who writes about beauty, fashion and travel. She had always been passionate about fashion and over time she had developed a style of her own. Mia loves to mix and match and get inspire girls with her advice about outfit and accessories. She loves telling a story about her travels, providing beauty tips with readers.