Summer Skin Hazards – Top 6 Skin Protection Techniques

So, if you are going on a sun tanning spree and want to have a sun bathe – do so. But at your protection best! The rate of skin cancers is increasing every year and so it is important that you get your basics clear regarding the summer sun. Your skin is that protection which nature gave you but natural sunlight can do some damage.

The ins and outs of skin protection techniques

Here is what you can do:

1. Get the Facts Clear – you need a sunscreen!

That’s right – short of if you are in the deepest of caves, you need a sunscreen to save your skin from getting damaged. You need to take protection from a shade and you need the right clothes to save you the summer’s wrath! Ignorance can later come to a stage when skin cancer, a fast developing condition occurs!

2. Get the Correct Sunscreen

Find out what kind of sunscreen suits you best. If your sunscreen is too pasty, thick or smelly; you need to check it up. It may not encourage you to put two coats on when you apply it.

3. Know your Sunscreen well

Sun Protection Formula – also called as SPF 30 is more preferable. SPF 30 is the new SPF 15. Do not forget to check for the sunscreen that says “Broad Spectrum” – it is the one that provides protection against UVA (wrinkle and cancer causing) and UVB (burning) rays.

4. Apply properly in layers

Several studies reveal that people apply on in a fourth of the needed SPF effect. Best way is to squeeze a line of lotion and rub it down your arms and legs – and then do it again! Same goes for spray – after you see a sheen, go once more. Pea-size drop does the magic for your cheeks and smear it until you need to repeat it!

5.Do the Nose!

Strange sounding but various researches have found out that the most negligent part of your face is the nose that doesn’t get to smell the sunscreen! Majority of skin based cancers that are detected are on nose because people generally run the cream around either because of natural speed or specs.

6. Clothe yourself correctly

The correct sequence of activity is that – seek a shade, wear a broad brimmed hat and full-sleeved clothing and then apply the sunscreen. People generally follow the reverse activity. Make sure you cover yourself with complete clothing so that sun rays don’t get you.
Try out these measures this summer and see if your skin is breathing in air and sun in the right proportion!




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