Tasty Delicacies 101: The Food Spices Every Home Needs

Food Spices Every Home Needs
Food Spices Every Home Needs

A dash of drama can spice up your life, they say! It is true. While fruits and vegetables have their own set of flavors, they are considered bland for Indian taste buds. So, our masala-conditioned palette looks forward to the food with just the right amount of spices and sets the tone for a dramatic, gastronomical adventure. After all, who doesn’t like food for thought, necessity, and comfort?

Being common to every Indian household, food spices add a distinct flavor to otherwise unsavory ingredients. Aromatic seasonings include fruits, seeds, rhizomes, barks, and other plant parts. Although they preserve and season food, certain herbs and spices have been valued as supplements, perfumes, and dyes and an important trade commodity for thousands of years. As an irreplaceable part of a household, food spices and seasonings are instrumental in flavoring your food and making them palatable. So, which are the seasonings, herbs, and spices that make every food item a delight? Let us explore some of the food spices that every kitchen needs

Food Spices
Food Spices
  • Red Chilli Flakes

Red chili powders make your food flavourful and add a unique burst of fiery flavor to any dish. Italians, Indians, and Mexicans – all of them love it. Hot and spicy chili flakes are your quick fix for soups and curries as much as your late-night pasta and pizzas. You can buy delicious red chili flakes online at Wingreens World.

  • White Sauce with Herbs Pre-Mix

Looking for something creamy and delicious? Here we are talking about a pre-mix, ready-to-use white sauce with herbs. Also known as the bechamel sauce by gourmet chefs and cooks, it is the ‘mother sauce’ of all things basic. This is because it can be combined with other condiments to make an instantly yummy and delicious sauce. A delightful combination of dry herbs such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, and oregano, an all-in-one Italian herb blend oozes aroma and flavor. So, transform your bland meal with a pinch of Italian sass and jazz and blow your mind away.

  • Pizza Pasta Seasoning

Is your pizza or pasta missing that oomph factor? Well, not if you have the right pizza pasta seasoning at home. A sprinkle of the spice mix alone is a taste elevator. Pizza and pasta are loved and over-loved by Italians, but Indians are no different. And, by chance, if you are an Indian mother who must give in to your kids’ hunger pangs constantly, then a pizza pasta seasoning is your savior. It will instantly transform your meals into exciting appetizers. From dal to sandwiches and all the in-betweens, make anything Italian and give in to your cravings.

  • All-in-one Garlic Bread Seasoning

Who doesn’t crave yummy, hot, and delicious garlic bread? But how do you get the combination of food spices and seasonings right, and that too at home? Well, you can. Garlic bread is widely loved and consumed across all kinds of restaurants – big or small. With an all-in-one garlic bread seasoning, you can recreate that perfect garlic bread, and you do not even have to wait 30 minutes. Packed with flavor, a garlic bread seasoning sprinkled on your bagels, baguettes, hot toast, or a pav can bring it to life.

  • Peri Peri Seasoning

Ordering peri-peri fries for your movie night? But why order when you can make it right in your kitchen with a peri-peri seasoning? Yes, a peri-peri spice mix can add that right kick to your fries, nuggets, and snacks you like to consume. Made of red chili peppers, a peri-peri seasoning can add that spicy and fiery kick to your food items.

It doesn’t hurt to make your life and food spicy if you have the right kind of spice in your stash. After all, a box of herbs and spices occupies a place of pride in any Indian kitchen. A pinch of spice picked up from several small compartments of the spice box can elevate any food item from regular to sumptuous. The range of Indian cuisines draws influence from its different regions, and their richness can be directly attributed to the herbs and spices used in every dish. Most Indian cuisines prepared are unimaginable without treasured food spices and seasonings. And brands such as Wingreens understand that. It is, therefore, no wonder that Wingreens offer Indian spices online to help you keep your kitchen well-stocked with the basics.

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