The Best Wines to Drink on a Friday Night In

Best Wines to Drink on a Friday Night
Best Wines to Drink on a Friday Night

Did you know that wine was first invented in 6,000 BC? Ever since then, people have been crazy about wine and all its varieties. The ancient Romans even had a god dedicated to wine!

When it comes to choosing the best wines for your Friday night in, you’ll have to consider a few things. Red or white? Do you want something with a strong alcohol content or something with a unique flavor?

Keep reading below to learn more about choosing the best wines for your Friday evening.

Riesling Wine

Whether you’re having a solo movie night or a fun Friday with friends, you’ll need a good white wine for the occasion. Most people like white wines and no one will have to worry about getting any dreaded red wine headaches. But keep in mind that not all Riesling wines are the same.

There are sweet and dry Rieslings. Both of them typically come from Germany (although some varieties come from France or Austria) and you will most often find this grape variety growing along the shoreline of the Rhine River. It is quite an acidic wine so don’t be surprised if you pucker a bit at the first taste.

However, once you get past Riesling’s bright flavor, you will find it has an amazing profile full of fruity notes. The flavor is very light and you will catch plenty of hints of apricots and citrus. Even though this wine is acidic, it tends to be on the sweeter side (even if you get the dry variety).

The grapes that Riesling is made from have green skin and cultivators often take them off the vine late in the harvesting season. The later you harvest grapes, the sweeter they will be. So, if you are looking for something sweet and refreshing for your Friday evening, a glass of Riesling may be in the cards.

The great thing about Riesling is that has a very versatile taste. For that reason, you can pair this glass of wine with several different foods. For the best results, try to pair Riesling with foods that have similar aromas and flavors.

For example, pairing this wine with some light white fish would be a great decision. Or, if you have some dessert such as cheesecake, adding a glass of Riesling would be ideal.

Port Wine

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, port wine may be what you need to save the day. Port wine can also be a great reward for a tough week. You won’t have to deal with any acidity or flavors that are too harsh when it comes to this wine.

Port wine, as the name suggests, comes from Portugal. It is a dessert wine and there are several different types to fit every flavor preference (and budget). You can get some port wines for cheap at your local grocery store, or, if you want to treat yourself, you can spend a couple of hundred dollars on a good bottle of port.

When you taste port for the first time, you’ll be able to discern hints of chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. There are two main types of port: tawny and red or ruby port. If you love the taste of caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate, then you might want to opt for the tawny port.

You might even be able to pick out some nutty flavors like hazelnut or almond. Older tawny port wines may be a bit more savory with notes of butterscotch, pepper, and blackberry. However, to find port wines with these unique flavors, you will need to make sure the bottle is a few decades old.

If you want something a bit less sweet (but still pretty sweet), try some ruby port. Ruby port wine has plenty of berry flavors, especially raspberry and strawberry. Both wines are perfect pairings for a large variety of different foods.

Since the port is a dessert wine, you can’t go wrong with pairing it with actual desserts. Anything with chocolate and caramel will complement tawny or ruby port wines. Certain cheeses also can add a lot of complexity to port.


Did you know that Champagne can’t really be considered Champagne unless it comes from the region of Champagne in France? Champaign is perhaps the most popular sparkling wine in the world. While it is often great for celebrations, there’s no harm in enjoying a glass alone, especially if you’ve had a tough week.

You’ll find that its flavor profile is somewhat similar to Riesling wine. However, good Champagne has its own unique flavors and aromas as well. You will be able to catch plenty of citrusy notes such as lemon and orange from a glass of Champagne.

Beyond the citrus, there is also the delicate flavor of cream and even crisp green apple. Like Riesling, Champagne is a pretty acidic wine. However, Champagne is also a sparkling wine so you might get an extra kick when you take your first sip.

Since Champagne is such a light and bright wine, try pairing it with light foods. Cheeses such as brie make a great pairing. However, you will also find that Champagne can go very well with fried foods as well.

If you are unable to finish your bottle of Champagne, don’t let it go to waste. Make sure to use one of these sparkling wine stoppers so you can save your wine for another day.

The Best Wines for a Friday Night

While there are many wines to choose from for a Friday night in, the previous three are some of the best wines that you can’t go wrong with. From the brightness and acidity of Riesling and Champagne to the sweetness of port, your Friday night is sure to be a blast.

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