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Online Counselor
Online Counselor

It might take a while before you are free to go out and explore carefree without looking like a storm-trooper and without the imaginary 2-meter balloon round you. The new normal, every comforts you hoping that talk will make a change. However, not everybody adapts, not everybody deals easily with the whole new change, not everybody accepts that there is new normal, and you can’t blame them, normal is normal, and nobody can’t change it all at once in such short notice.

People who struggle with the new change and new normal, and people who have struggled with different issues in the past are now up to a new challenge… Seeking help!

It sounds easy, however, it is not. A simple visit to your physician is not simple, buying groceries is not simple, and opening your heart and soul to somebody has never been easy, and now it seems more difficult than ever.

But with the rise of new technologies, so have raised the conventional method of therapy and counseling, and so has online counseling emerged as something new and tempting. And there are multiple reasons why it is very good, and fewer reasons why not! Results are visible only after a few weeks, and more and more people are preferring online therapy over conventional.

The benefits that overcome the negatives are plenty:

  • Convenient and private, from the comfort of your home, cozy in your favorite place. You can video chat, write e-mail or text, whatever suits you best.
  • Secure – the best online counseling companies offer secure lines up to the most modern strict standards and state-regulated laws. You don’t need to worry about privacy leaking!
  • Special counselor for special needs – all the counselors are licensed for their area of expertise (anxiety, panic attack, depression, substance abuse, couple’s therapy, trauma, family violence), and you can even choose your counselor, and switch them as you please. You can even choose counselors by gender, race, it is all up to your choices.
  • Affordable – much more affordable than a conventional visit to your counselor or therapist, sometimes up to 80% cheaper, and offers various forms of payment. In some cases, online therapy can even be part of your medical insurance plan, check with your company’s human resources if you are viable.
  • Social stigma – some people are not comfortable visiting a counseling center because they are afraid of social stigma and being marked as not fitted. Unjustified feeling, but a feeling non the less! Online counseling is the first step in coming over the dogma, and feeling more comfortable in seeking help in the future, conventional or online!
  • Reliable – you gain access to counseling almost immediately, in a matter of seconds, from any place in the world, anytime, night or day!

The negative sides or cons of online therapy are not many, but should not be ignored, because in some cases they overcome the positives, and in some cases, conventional therapy is much better and even necessary.

  • The absence of face to face contact can be crucial in many cases, and in some cases, the therapist or counselor can read the body language of the patient, sometimes the body says much more than words. Video therapy can resolve a lot of the problems, but again, a lot of conditions have to be just right.
  • Domestic violence issues – in these cases, it can be practically impossible to seek online help. In many of these cases, seeking help in any means is hard, and the internet or telephone access is monitored or even forbidden.
  • Although a lot of online counseling services guarantee secure encrypted connection, they are obliged by law to give you a copy of the laws that you should read and sign back. Without these regulative, you are putting yours and everybody involving your life information on the line.
  • Technology dependent – in some remote places of the world, there is poor or no internet connection, which complicates things. Some of you might think, come on, it a day or two, but for others, even an hour without proper help can last an eternity.
  • Some more serious issues are not recommendable being counseled online. Suicidal tendencies or serious mental health problems should be treated in a controlled environment, under surveillance by highly trained professionals.

The online counseling services of BetterHelp offer interesting questionnaires that are using short answers to determine if you are really in need of help, which is convenient at least to say. Many of you might feel discomfort and have symptoms of anxiety and depression, which is pretty normal under the new “normal” circumstances, and maybe you do not need special help/ You just might need someone to tell you that what you are feeling is just normal, and you do not need professional help, and leave vacant place for people who are truly in need of help.

Online therapy and counseling have many benefits in these strange times, but even when things were more normal, people have tried to seek help online because it was more affordable. Conventional therapy can be covered by your insurance, whether meeting a deductible or co-pay or sometimes even full coverage. For the time being, online therapy has to be paid in full by you, and in many cases, the price is 20% of the price of a conventional visit to the therapies. Online therapy is more and more popular, will surely be included in medical insurance plans in the nearest future, making it the first choice for many people seeking help, but can’t afford it.

If you have not yet decided if you should seek help online, and if you have doubts of any kind, feel free to try out some of the service providers and talk to them. They will offer you free consult for the beginning, hear you out, and if indeed you do need help, they will give you guidance to the next steps. You should however take the first step by yourself that is all you need to do to start receiving help.


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