The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Living 

The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Living
The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Living

Health is wealth!

As formulaic as this statement sounds, it holds across all cultures. According to a study conducted by health experts, healthy living increases life expectancy by over 10 years in people without pre-existing conditions. By their definition, a healthy lifestyle involves:

  • Eating healthy low-fat food
  • Avoiding cigarettes
  • Limiting alcohol intake and
  • Regular exercise

These tasks often seem unattainable, but with a little bit of focus and dedication, you can kickstart a healthy living revolution for yourself.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle without blowing your budget

Most people assume that a healthy lifestyle is expensive. After all, the price of fruits and vegetables exceeds the cost of fast food in most countries. The truth is that you can maintain a low-budget healthy lifestyle. Here are ways to go about it:

  1. Focus on buying vegetables and fruits that are in season. The price of fruits in the grocery store fluctuates according to the season. So, you have to focus on the available products in the grocery store because it will help you save more.
  2. Develop a workout routine. Most people lack the discipline to exercise alone. Therefore, you can consider getting a gym membership. If this option is too expensive for you, consider running every morning or living room yoga – anything to keep you fit and active.
  3. Quit smoking. Most smokers are more susceptible to infectious diseases due to weakened immune and respiratory systems. Logically, smoking costs more than not smoking; so, try your best to break the habit.
  4. Drink less alcohol. If you drink a lot of alcohol, you should consider reducing your intake. A perfect way of reducing your consumption of alcohol is by becoming a social drinker.
  5. Reduce your rations. Instead of taking large amounts of food, decrease your food rations by monitoring your calories.

Generally, healthy living will help you save money often spent on things that are non-beneficial to the human body. However, free essay examples can help you find out various other topics related to healthy living.

Can I increase productivity with a proper diet?

The main factor that determines a healthy life is a proper diet. You can definitely increase your level of activity if you follow strict dietary guidelines.

People who eat a lot of fresh produce have more energy because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and a minimal amount of fat. As a result, the digestive system stays in perfect condition by reducing the amount of work done during digestion. Substituting fast food for ‘greens’ can also help you stay active.

Moreover, dairy and meat products also help to replenish the body’s fiber content. Whole grains contain vitamins and minerals that strengthen the bones and help to fight off toxic materials in the body.

Ultimately, these food items provide you with a lot of energy while reducing your body’s fat content. Also, you will expend less energy to move your body around; thus, reducing the rate of fatigue when working on difficult tasks.

Food and sleep

Sleep and productivity have a strange relationship: your productivity can decrease even if you sleep too much or sleep too little. But the perfect amount of sleep will assist you in managing your time better and more efficiently.

Food like cherries and spinach contain an amino acid that metabolizes serotonin. This neurotransmitter [serotonin] is in charge of bodily functions like sleep, appetite, sexual desire, and mood. Similarly, Bananas and broccoli also help in curing insomnia by producing melatonin.

On the other hand, you have to avoid other foods that serve as stimulants. We know most of us cannot resist a cup of coffee to start the day. But the caffeine in the drink can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, and in turn, your overall productivity. With time, you will discover that you can no longer function properly without caffeine in your system.

However, water is the great ‘equalizer’ because of the following reasons:

  1. Water helps you replenish your body fluids.
  2. It helps in regulating the body’s temperature.
  3. Water breaks help you ‘break’ monotonous cycles at home or work.

Food can affect the way your body responds to the environment. The nature of your diet can also disrupt the natural rhythm of your body.

Snacking without Gluten

For people on the go, you can often take snacks from time to time. What matters most is to monitor the calorie count and the presence of gluten.

But what is gluten?

Gluten is a protein present in grains and processed food like bread and pasta. Some gluten-free snacks have been credited with managing health problems like gut microbial change and irritable bowel syndrome.

Let’s take a look at some gluten-free snacks and how they help the body.

  1. Banana bread. The recipe includes gluten-free flour, butter, bananas, and other baking ingredients. The nutritional contents include magnesium, which is beneficial for the heart.
  2. Protein bars are the ideal snacks before you start your day. You can always take one or two before and after your workout to replenish your energy.
  3. Apple crisp. This food item is easy to make, and also serves as an anti-inflammatory food item.

Creating a favorable workout routine

Exercise is one of the key aspects of healthy living. So, developing a routine will help you monitor your diet and improve your fitness levels.

However, you have to choose a routine that fits your lifestyle. You can work out in the morning before you start your daily routine, or in the evening. Also, you should choose a comfortable place and activity. You can start your workout at home if you can resist the lure of the fridge and comfortable couch. But the best option is to find a group to motivate one another.


To sum up, healthy living is a combination of a lot of factors. You have to develop a standard routine and adjust it to your lifestyle and specific needs. Also, ensure to eat only healthy food and reduce your intake of fats and alcoholic beverages.

You can extend your lifespan by leading a healthy life. Take note of these guidelines to start your journey today.

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