Trails Carolina Uses Wilderness Therapy Plus Other Therapeutic Modalities to Help Teens

Wilderness Therapy
Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy has been around for quite a while. Defined by offering adventure experiences to help with mental health, engage students, and live a better life.

Trails Carolina decided on wilderness therapy early on for a variety of reasons. Most of their students have had outstanding experiences, and the way they have changed their life for the better is hard to ignore. For many still on the fence about this residential treatment center option, what made Trails Carolina go in this direction?

An Old School Approach to New School Issues

Wilderness therapy is like stepping back in time. There’s no such thing as television, internet access, or phones to get you distracted. Living a life away from distractions can help you concentrate on developing new habits and improving behavior.

There are a lot of comparisons between therapeutic wilderness programs and going through a detox program as an adult, and separation from many other crutches teenagers rely on helps out.

What past graduates have shown is that this type of therapy works. The initial transition to a new environment might catch some teenagers off guard, but they come out living a healthier and happier life once they spend time focusing on the bigger things.

More Uplifting Learning Environment

Just like learning in school, some students need smaller groups or one on one learning to fully understand what is being taught.

Not only are the group sizes small at Trails Carolina, but with so much activity happening outside, no one ever feels too cramped. It’s truly the best of both worlds, as teenagers build skills and healthy coping strategies.

When necessary, a personal learning environment is beneficial in getting over the hump of particular challenges. Too many teenagers get lost in the shuffle when they are in a traditional school setting, making mental health challenges worse. There are opportunities for individual assistance whenever a teenager needs it.


Being out in nature and experiencing new activities helps get students into a healthy mindset. Nature is a big, exciting world with untapped potential. Many teenagers see this part of the United States for the first time in their lives, and it can make a long-lasting impression.

Teenagers must rely on each other to get through many of the activities. Since they are group-based, it takes a team effort to survive the wilderness and meet goals. With separation from the outside world, teenagers must build healthy relationships with those around them.

Group work in a traditional school is often lacking an outdoor or challenge based element. When taking adventures and exploring, it encourages teenagers to start working together and creating bonds along the way. It is one of the most creative ways to build selflessness.

Wilderness Skills

The wilderness experience allows teenagers to learn skills that help them in life. Having wilderness skills can come in handy down the road, giving confidence to teenagers when they need it most.

Making adventures a focal point of the therapy ensures that the learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. These real-world skills have the chance of helping out again years down the road.

Education/Activity Balance

While Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy understands the importance of the activities themselves; education also matters to teenagers. Sending teenagers back home behind in their studies will only negate a lot of their progress in Trails Carolina.

While at Trails Carolina education in a traditional manner is a top priority. That means hitting the books and following an accredited curriculum with top-notch teachers. Parents don’t have to worry about traditional education being an issue.

A lot of the teenagers enrolling at Trails Carolina have college aspirations. Families also want to provide every opportunity possible for their loved ones. Overlooking education for therapy is only attempting to solve one issue with another. Including a strong base in education will help teens and adolescents succeed.

Healthier Life

Every outdoor activity involves some form of exercise at trails Carolina. Therapy options elsewhere won’t raise a teenager’s endorphins nearly as much. Since it’s part of the daily schedule, teenagers get used to a set activity schedule.

Some teenagers come to Trails Carolina with little to no exercise throughout their life. Developing healthy habits can make for a healthier life in general.

How the Perfect Location Makes Trails Carolina Different

People across the country would agree that the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina are among the most inviting and relaxing areas in the United States. With Trails Carolina setting up base camp right in the middle, teenagers have countless opportunities to take advantage.

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