Type of Chakras in our Body – Spiritual way to meet God

Origin of chakras

Chakras as per the Hindu, Buddhist religion, and other Yogic traditions is defined as energy centers within the subtle human body that helps to regulate all its processes from organ functions to immune system and psychological functions. The chakras are part of subtle body and are the meeting points of the subtle energy channels called the Nadis. The term “Chakras” derive their name from Sanskrit word for “wheel” but the inherent meaning of chakra is vortex or whirlpool. The earlier version or origin of the concept of Chakras was found in Vedas, the Upanishads and in Buddhist Hevajra Tantra during 8th Century BCE.

What are chakras in our body?–Their silent features

As said, the chakras in our body are the energy centers that help in regulating the organic, immunity and emotional functions. In totality, seven chakrasare positioned throughout the human body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Each of these chakras have their own functionalities, vibration frequency and color depiction that governs specific functions thereby creating a sense of human wellness. The intellectuals of ancient Hindu philosophy believe that blocked energy in any of these seven chakras can often lead to illness and psychological changes in human beings.

It is quite important to understand each of these chakras so that as human beings one can divert their energies in a positive way for a happy living. Mentioned below is about seven chakras for the benefit of the readers.

  1. Root ChakraThis chakra resides in base of the spine in tailbone area and represents an energy of feeling grounded
  2. Sacral Chakra The location or energy center of this chakra is in lower abdomen that is about two inches below the navel and is considered to be related with emotional issues such as well-being, pleasure and sexuality.
  3. Solar Plexus ChakraThis chakra’s location is in upper abdomen in the stomach area and controls the ability of confidence and self-esteem in a human being.
  4. Heart ChakraThe heart chakra deals with emotional issues like love, joy and inner peace and is located in the center of the heart or just above the heart.
  5. Throat ChakraThe throat chakra is the energy center that governs the ability to communicate and self-expression of feeling and is located in the throat area.
  6. Third Eye or Brow Chakra This chakra lies in the forehead between the eyes and has an ability to control the emotional issues of imagination, intuition, wisdom and ability to think and make decisions.
  7. Crown ChakraIt is the highest chakra that represents the ability of a person to connect spiritually and in achieving pure bliss.

chakras location in human body

Finding chakra in our self

Finding chakras in ourselves requires deep meditation and for different people and at different times these chakras may appear in variety of ways. The visibility of these chakras also depends upon the concerned person’s sense of awareness, places of constriction, the energy derived from other chakras. The chakras function like a pendulum and if any one of these chakras is overactive or underactive, a person can sense some symptoms of such imbalance. For instance, if the throat chakra is blocked, the concerned person may experience sore throat, neck pain or laryngitis as symptoms.

Whenever, any one of the energy center or chakra is thrown out of place through physical maladies or blockage, then the concerned person can find his/her physical fitness getting effected in the form of various diseases.These diseases may be in the form of heart attack, brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure etc.  It is believed, each chakra governs seven glands of the human body.

Feel positive with Chakras

Chakras have an inherent energy in themselves and everyone with practice, awareness, and education can reap the benefits of chakras thereby deriving a positive energy that will flow evenly from the top of the head to the feet with ease. Each of these chakras rotates according to their location. For instance, the root chakra rotates at the slowest speed while the crown chakra rotates at the highest speed. The speed of these chakras determines the level of positive feelings that a person derives through these chakras. A constant balance between these chakras promotes a sense of positive feeling and energy.

healing with chakras

Healing Therapy

The chakra centers may require healing therapy if they are imbalanced or blocked. The chakra blockages are seen through the activities that a person does. For instance, a homemaker may often find her kitchen messy or disorganized due to her lack of interest in cleaning up the kitchen reflecting a heart chakra imbalance. In the same way, messy office room may indicate the mental confusion that an employee is having due to his/her imbalance in the crown chakra.  As a healing therapy to balance the chakras, a person can use different techniques such as

  1. Healing therapy through Reiki,
  2. Color therapy,
  3. Yoga and Meditation,
  4. Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT,
  5. Physical exercises such as walking, athletics etc
  6. Guided Visualization
  7. Positive Thinking
  8. Aromatherapy

The above-mentioned types of healing therapy techniques help the concerned person in rejuvenating his/her chakras thereby balancing them to work at their optimum levels.

Impressive story

Chakras form an interesting and impressive story of healing the human body either physically or psychologically. The chakra system has helped humans in fighting viruses, and in living a peaceful and standard life. The chakra healing system is helping many people in healing their past traumas, physical pain by giving access to the core of their issues that has been causing mental, physical and emotional pain or trauma. People have many impressive stories when balancing their chakras. Some of them hear humming or buzzing sensation over their sacral area or have a similar sensation at their right Femeraloccyl joint.

Persons practicing chakra-balancing techniques do see bright burst of light between their eyes early in the mornings like a burst of light from a Polaroid camera. During the meditative state, one can also hear sounds like a Tibetan hum that may go through the right ear to their heart chakra or sternum. Each individual have their own experiences when undertaking the chakra balancing techniques.

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