Types of Cakes That a Major Hit Across Parties

Types of cakes that a major hit across parties
Types of cakes that a major hit across parties

Life gives us all so many reasons to celebrate various joys of our lives. It could be some special occasions, festivals or even people. And we all quite know, cakes make the highlight of any celebration. No matter how much effort you put to make a celebration a major hit, in the end, it will mostly depend on how good the cake looked and how tasty was it. To be very honest, there are many people who would simply attend any parties or celebratory events just to grab a piece or two of cake. Some like to even bake a cake, out of their love, whereas some others like to order it from some reputed bakery which offers its efficient cake delivery. If you are going to be a host/hostess for an upcoming party, then here’s a list of different types of tempting cakes, that fit every kind of occasion/festival beautifully.

  • Pinata Cake – This kind of cake has been particularly trending for its unique concept. Bringing the concept of breaking pinata cakes to celebrate various milestones of one’s life has made this cake super popular. The outer shell is usually made with milk chocolate in the shape of a heart or circle, whereas the inside is filled with some chocolate treats or a spongy moist cake. One needs to break open the hard chocolate shell with a wooden hammer (which usually comes along with the cake) to relish this sweet delicacy in any of their favorite flavors.
  • Pull Me Up Cake – Another tempting yet trending cake that is perfect for celebrations is pull me up the cake. As the name quite suggests, these cakes come along with a transparent plastic sheet covering which is needed to be pulled up to get the ganache flowing all over the cake. Pull me up cakes come in various kinds of flavors including chocolate truffle, strawberry, lotus biscoff, and other such drool-worthy flavors.
  • Tier Cake – If it’s a big affair including many guests, then your go-to cake option has to be a tier cake. It appears pretty majestic in its appeal and tastes absolutely delectable. You can get a tier cake made in any kind of flavor or appeal and as per different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Geode Cake – Mimicking the natural rock formation, this cake is made by carving chunks out from a regular cake and filling the cutouts with “edible crystals”. These crystals are further painted with edible paints to give a real rock-like feel and appeal. Rachel Teufel is said to invent this kind of cake to inspire and bring such cakes into various celebratory occasions of our lives.
  • Photo Cake – Over the years we make some precious memories with our loved ones which we won’t give up on even against all the riches of the world. It’s time to bring up some of those golden memories and lay them on top of a scrumptiously baked cake. Photo cakes have a personal memory printed with edible ink as a topping over a cake which is what sets it apart from other kinds of cakes and makes it special.
  • Designer Cake – All thanks to the bakers all around the world for giving us beautiful cakes matching various quirky-cool themes. Designer cakes are fondant cakes made with greater precision to complement the theme of the celebration. One can get a plethora of designer cakes for baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, etc. as well as based on some fictitious cartoon characters like Chota bheem, Doraemon, Barbie, Cars, Pokemon, etc. These kinds of cakes are usually popular across kids as they get to invite their cartoon friends to their special days through these cakes.
  • Naked Cake – Having a minimalistic yet very sophisticated appeal, these kinds of cakes are sure to fit any special occasion. You can easily see the frosting on their sides as these cakes are served with little or no frosting at all. It is quite a popular choice of wedding cakes which are usually seen to be topped off with flowers, fruits and candies to beautify the entire appeal of these cakes.

So, these were some of the popular types of cakes that are a major hit across various parties. What’s your pick gonna be?

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