These 5 Habits Literally Add Years to Your Life
These 5 Habits Literally Add Years to Your Life

Aging is a big scare word. Always has been. And while frantically looking for way to prolong our lives, most of the time we get lost and discouraged by all the different advice, and the time wasted with little to no results. So we’re here to show you that prolonging your life doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. It actually boils down to a few little things.

Start your Mornings Slowly

Rejoice! Lounging in bed every morning for a few minutes actually benefits your health. Now, to be perfectly clear, we don’t mean snoozing your alarm five times in a row. We have a whole routine for going to sleep, but not much when it comes to waking up. Breathe slowly, stretch, rub your eyes, but from your bed. By not rushing out of bed to eating and get dressed, you allow your body to regulate its blood pressure and gather strength for what’s ahead.

Get a Pet

This probably goes without saying, but owning a pet does wonders for longevity. Having a furry companion (or several) is very therapeutic when it comes to stress, and they’re a source of never-ending love when given proper care and affection. Animals are great therapists – they sense mood changes in their owners, make them more physically active. Furthermore, caring for pets is a good reason to get up in the morning. They’re an extension of your family who also add years to your life with their carefree, innocent existence.

Preventative Tests

We all hate doctor visits. It comes with the admittance that something is wrong with our body. It’s stressful, and therefore put off until we feel there’s a reason for concern. But did you know that preventative visits are actually the right way to go about your health? Having check-ups every few months, a year, or couple of years actually helps catch diseases long before they become an issue. The longer you wait, the greater the odds are of a potential illness evolving. Make a new habit this year, and check in with your doctor every once in a while for a peace of mind.

Take up Golfing

Don’t let the fitness lovers get you down. While aerobics, cardio, strength training and the rest are beneficial for your health, they’re far from obligatory. Many confirm that light exercising several times a week is enough to keep your body and mind in fit shape, and slow down the aging process. A Swedish study backs it up with astonishing results; golfing helps reduce risk of dementia, helps ease chronic diseases, including heart disease, and adds roughly five years to your life! And homebodies don’t even have to go outside, as they can practice those swings with quality home equipment such as Swing Eagle golf training aids.

Find a Calling

And we don’t mean the big things: like “find the job of your dreams” or “start a family and devote your life to it”. It’s more along the lines of taking up a hobby that you’ve always wanted. Or, volunteer at a local animal shelter, soup kitchen or hospital. Giving your life a secondary purpose keeps you motivated and energized. Your mind is constantly learning, and the positive vibes from doing something worthwhile boosts those feel-good hormones. Not to mention you can make new friends, gain an appreciation for the little things in life, and become a better person.

Keep Your Brain Active

Yes! Giving your brain a good workout actually keeps Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay. As we grow older, so do our brain cells. Most of us will stop learning new things due to a hectic adult life, which even speeds up the aging of our mind. Learning a new skill, trying a new hobby, doing crossword puzzles, regular puzzles, even playing video games are all known methods to keep your brain healthy. Solving conundrums makes your brain create new neural pathways that will outnumber those that are aging and dying out. So, give those puzzles a whirl!


Don’t be discouraged by the scope of things you see online as you read advice on prolonging your life. They’re numerous, and most often too ambitious to take them up right away. Start small. See what positive changes you can make one day at a time in your everyday life, and slowly build up to much bigger ones. Don’t just focus on the end result – enjoy the ride along the way.

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