Ways to Drink Riazul Tequila    

Ways to Drink Riazul Tequila
Ways to Drink Riazul Tequila

Tequila comes from the agave plant, and it comes in three different varieties. In Riazul brands, you may often hear about the añejo varieties, which means the vintaged ones that were carefully aged in small oak barrels for about 1 to 3 years. The reposado-rested ones are between 2 to 12 months, and the Blanco or white is the unaged version.

Tequila has a reputation of being a party drink, and this is not actually surprising. You can check out Riazul tequila reviews to get an idea about what it looks like and its subtle tastes. Know that getting the premium bottles means that you’re going with a tequila made up of 100% blue agave. Another thing is there are so many ways in which you can enjoy your tequila, and you can do these without feeling any headaches in the morning. Some of the few suggestions are:

  1. Sip Slowly and Neatly

It helps if you can slowly and neatly sip tequila made from blue agave. It’s worth noting that they are not created equal, so if you plan to enjoy the bottle like what real Mexicans are doing, you may want to make sure that you have something authentic.

Some of these are considered mixtos, where they are made up of fortified sugars and 51% agave. Avoid these mixtures because they pale in comparison when it comes to the tastes of the real ones. Another thing that you may want to look at is that it helps if you prefer the family-owned tequila over the larger conglomerates. They taste better, and they are aged well. An article about the liqueur makers is available here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2015/08/02/the-hard-sell-of-mexican-tequila-makers/?sh=6f5500f426c4.

  1. Select the Añejo Varieties

Añejo bottles can last up to a year, and they are not something that we’re rushed into maturity. They have complexities and full-bodied flavors, and they have similarities with the aged cognac bottles.

  • Expect that the añejos will be pricier than the blancos or reposados. However, the price difference is not that much, and a good bottle can be priced for under $60.
  • It’s best if you can drink the vintage and aged tequila at room temperature. Too much ice can dilute its flavor, and the different components of the drink are masked with water.
  • If you’re serious about discovering tequilas, you may want to get a good glass to enjoy the tastes of añejos better. You can also get a snifter that’s available at your local shops or online stores.
  1. Drink a Bit of Sangrita

Sangrita translates to little blood, and this drink is named like this because of its color. This is a non-alcoholic drink that you can pair with your añejo. Sip the tequila in a separate glass and take turns between the two. For the making of sangrita, you can mix the following ingredients together then put it inside your refrigerator:

  • A cup of freshly squeezed orange
  • A cup of tomato juice
  • An ounce of freshly squeezed lime
  • 12 dashes of Cholula or any other hot sauce
  • 1 tsp. grenadine
  1. An Option is to Follow the Protocols

There are sipping protocols that enable you to sip your 100% premium agave tequila in the right way. Learn more about the agave plant on this site here. Some of the experts are enjoying their vintage drink by doing the following:

  • Pour an ounce of tequila into a snifter or glass. Place your hands at the stem of the glass and never the bowl. Look at the color of añejo by raising the glass to eye level.
  • Swirl the contents inside the glass very gently. It’s worth noting how the colors cling to the walls, and they may look like “pearl strings.”
  • Sip slowly and swish the drink for a few seconds around your mouth. 10 seconds should do it and let the alcohol travel into the different parts of your mouth and tongue.
  • Swallow the entire drink and repeat the process. You can look fancy at any party if you show others how you handle your liqueur.

Shooting the Tequila

You can shoot a reposado, oro, or Blanco at a party. Oro may mean gold, and it will taste similar to that of the white varieties called Blanco. The two taste about the same, so you may want to choose which ones to shoot. It’s best if you have a drink that’s made of 100% agave. A mixto can be a cheaper option, but the headaches in the morning can be terrifying.

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