What Are Teeth Veneers

A beautiful smile no doubt increases one’s well-being and self-confidence. It is also an attractive feature that draws people closer but smiling confidently is often a challenge for people with broken or chipped teeth as they may consider it to be embarrassing.

However, what if there was a simple and easy alternative to repair the teeth and get back the confidence one needs. This can be achieved with the use of a dental product known as veneers. One question that many may be asking is: what are veneers and what are used for? You can relax because we will give an explanation to that in this article.

Veneers are coverings in tooth shape made to change the size, shape, and any flaw of imperfect teeth. They are ideal for improving one’s smile and preventing damage to the tooth’s surface. The wafer-thin material is designed to correct little misalignments and close gaps in the dentition. Although it is a safe and effective method, it needs proper care and maintenance.

Types of Veneers

There are many kinds of veneers according to the materials that are used. Although there are permanent and temporary types, it is safer to use permanent ones.

Porcelain Veneers

This material is safe, strong, and long-lasting of all the materials used, making it harmless to the soft tissues in the mouth. It is natural-looking and enhances the appearance of the face. Although this procedure requires shaving some of the teeth, it is a permanent solution and is also very durable.

It has a lower chance of breakage, fracture, or chipping. It also doesn’t stain easily and has a smooth texture. However, it is a lengthy procedure and it is usually expensive.

Composite Veneers

This is a blend of organic and inorganic material made to form composite resin. The natural components are the coupling agent, the initiator, and the resin while the filler is the inorganic material. It also causes less harm to the gums and can easily be fixed when it’s broken or chipped.

Although this material is strong and less expensive, the porcelain is more durable. It is also more prone to stains even though it has a natural look and does not last long.


This is created from ultra-thin porcelain laminate components and demands little preparation before fixing it. Like the porcelain and composite types, it has a smooth texture, looks, and feels natural but unlike others, the procedure can be reversed.

It is often used to repair irregularly shaped and discolored dentition. Although it is less expensive, it is, however, more prone to damage and fracture.

Temporary Veneers

This Snap-on comes in two types, instant and custom-made-on clip. The instant type can easily be placed in hot water and fit into the mouth by pressing your teeth into the material. This type is not ideal for long-term use.

The custom-made-clip-on kinds are made of high-quality and require an impression of your dentition to be made from which a custom-fit is then created. This type is harmful to the gum tissues and is likely to build up plaque.

Benefits Of Veneer Procedure

The following are some benefits of this procedure:

Cosmetic Repair

This is a simple and easy method to mend dentition by gluing the material to the front. This makes the smile more appealing and each one is specifically designed to suit the patient. They are not easily stained and this also makes them ideal for persons seeking to fix cosmetic challenges.

Quick Cosmetic Fix

Using braces or other methods to repair gaps between dentition can be uncomfortable and painful. This and other dental problems such as chipped, missing, stained, or misshapen teeth can be addressed using the porcelain veneer.

Permanent and Durable

Due to their non-porous nature, they can resist cavities and stain more than the real tooth enamel. They are equally permanent and can resist decay. They can also last over 10 years without needing replacement when properly maintained.

Easy to Maintain

This dental solution doesn’t require special care but can be treated in the same manner as your original dentition. You can floss once and brush twice a day while ensuring regular checks with the dentist to retain the natural shine to your dentition.

Natural Appearance

The veneers are created in a way that fits the color and contour of the teeth and since they are made from your impressions, they give off a natural appearance. It is also made to align with your overall style and facial symmetry in a way that synchronizes with your facial appearance.

Looking good has a way of boosting one’s confidence in public. If you need tips on how to appear attractive, you can check here: https://bestlifeonline.com/tricks-appearing-attractive/

Enamel Loss Treatment

Although, the enamel is strong, highly acidic foods or acid reflux disease could wear it out and this cannot be recovered. Veneers present an aesthetically and durable way to replace them.

Minimally Invasive

This procedure requires minimal instruments when compared to other restoration options like getting a crown. It simply requires the dentist to do away with ½ millimeter of the treated teeth’s surface after which an overlay is fixed in position with a particular cement.

Little adjustments are then made to the color and size to ensure a natural feel and look. This method gives immediate results and demands little or no pain relief to be given.

How to care for Veneers

Although, they often require replacement from time to time, maintaining them properly will ensure they last longer and have no side effects. Here are some maintenance tips:

Regular Brushing

Brushing or flossing properly daily with non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste will help to maintain it. This is because toothpaste made from an abrasive can scratch the surface of the veneer thereby dulling its look. It will equally prevent cavities and keep the bonded teeth strong.

Avoid chewing hard objects

This could cause wear down, crack, or other damage when you bite or chew on items like your nails or pens.

Limit Stain-inducing Foods.

Reduce intake of food and drinks that cause stains such as coffee to avoid staining the porcelain.

Constant Dental Visits

This is very vital for persons with porcelain veneers. Visiting the dentist regularly is important to carry out deep cleaning and to check for fractured or chipped ones.

Getting veneers isn’t as difficult as some people may feel. You can opt for this procedure if you need to improve your dentition. If you need a visual guide on how this procedure is done, you can watch this video.


Although Veneers is also a medical procedure, any decay or disease must be treated before the process. One should however patronize a professional where you can discuss your treatment options and expectations as it is permanent. It can easily be adapted to suit both your budget and dentition.

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