What Makes Superdrol the Strongest Prohormone?

Superdrol the Strongest Prohormone
Superdrol the Strongest Prohormone

Growing muscles very fast without accumulating fat is the goal of bodybuilders and athletes who want to elevate their level of performance to breathtaking heights. They are ready togo to any extent to achieve their goal and heavily depend on anabolic steroids to turn them into super performers. Anabolic steroids boost tissue growth and muscle generation by enhancing the natural capabilities of the body many more times that turn them into real workhorses with loads of energy. Most steroids are the synthetic form of testosterone, the male sex hormone, and available in oral a well as injectable forms. The purpose of the steroids is to dispense androgenic metabolic properties. That is why people also call it androgenic anabolic steroids that help to gain muscles and enhance body size even if you do not exercise.

Steroids are of different types, with each one contributing to bulking or building muscles and stronger bodies and stripping unwanted fat during the cutting cycle of bodybuilders. Since every steroid has individual characteristics and capabilities that act differently on the body, users typically use a bunch of steroids in the form of a stack to maximize the effects of different substances. Also known as performance-enhancing drugs or PED, the use of steroids has always been highly controversial because it gives an unfair advantage to users that queers a level playing field that defies the spirit of fair competition. Despite the threat of ban faced by sportsmen for using banned substances, the lure of steroids keeps attracting them.

Adding lean muscles with steroid

Bodybuilders are so obsessed with the shape and strength of their bodies that they want to add great muscles without any fat. This is very challenging because one must exercise vigorously and eat lots of calories to boost metabolism for muscle growth. Still, in the process, fat addition becomes unavoidable due to excess calories. Therefore, they look for ways to add muscles very fast but without fat so that they can have a strong, shapely body and fat-free body, which is only possible by taking Superdrol the astonishing steroid that can help to achieve the goal perfectly. For years, athletes, especially bodybuilders, have relied heavily on this steroid that has worked wonders for them.

What is Superdrol?

Superdrol is the commercial name of the steroid Methyldrostanolone which supports lean muscle building and retains the muscle mass even though it does not help much in serious muscle mass gains.  The steroid also has fat-burning properties, which makes it suitable for bulking and cutting. Just as the steroid is useful for building muscles, it is also very efficient in preserving muscle tissues when bodybuilders go through the cutting phase to strip away calories added during bulking. During cutting, while aiding fat burning, the steroid keeps muscles protected so that there are no adverse effects of the cutting cycle on the body shape and strength.

Banned in some countries

The steroid is a banned substance in the US, UK, and Canada while being freely available in Turkey, Iran, and Greece.  However, you will still get the steroid in countries that ban it but only for medical use and against a doctor’s prescription.  Trying to procure it by any other means like an over the counter product could land you in legal problems. Accessibility of the banned steroid is, therefore, a problem, and you have to source it from clandestine sources by knowing the risks involved in the transaction. Since the ban is on sale and use of the Schedule III drug, even if you buy it from a Turkey or Greece without a prescription for consumption in the US or UK, you will be violating the law and face penalty or jail term depending on the laws of the land.

Consult a doctor

While steroids are effective in muscle building and fat burning, its effectiveness depends on how well an individual tolerates the drug. Therefore, it is always better to start taking steroids by consulting a doctor to keep the side effects minimal, and you can obtain a prescription for buying the drug legally.  Moreover, the dosage of steroids is also significant to work effectively, and only the doctor can recommend the right dose for you. Consulting a doctor is beneficial for your health and keeps you protected from the legal hassles of using banned steroids.

The right dosage

A typical cycle of the steroid lasts between 4-6 weeks.30 mg per day is the maximum recommended dosage of the steroid that people can begin with 10 mg per day and then gradually go up.  During the first week of bulking or cutting phase, you can start with 10 mg/ day and increase it to 20 mg/day during the second and third week, preferably taking it two times a day by doubling the initial dose once in the morning and once in the evening. As you approach the end of the cycle, you can increase the dose to 30 mg per day by taking 10 mg three times a day.

Preserve lean tissue

The biggest challenge of bodybuilders is to preserve lean tissue during the cutting cycle by getting rid of unwanted fat. Building muscles is not easy even with the help of steroids because you must invest time and lots of hard work to acquire it and know how to retain the gains when going through the cutting cycle. Including Superdrol or its equivalent, because the steroid is now available as a variant of the original version, in the stack will ensure that the muscles remain lean and intact during the phase of calorie restriction.

Faster repair and recovery, higher endurance

The steroid helps in speedier recovery, which means your muscles will regain their original form and strength soon after some rest so that you can start working on pumping it up once again. Enhanced endurance will allow longer workout sessions that increase the pace of building muscles.

Besides, the improved metabolism of the body under the influence of the steroid will increase the energy that facilitates fat burning.

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