Why Have an Eyelift Instead of a Facelift?


Appearance is a significant component of a person’s overall self-esteem and self-confidence. Age causes the lower eyelids to become baggy, affecting your look. The best way to remove excess eyelid skin and bagginess is by visiting a professional oculoplastic surgeon.

The surgeons also correct other eyelid deformities like ectropion and canthal dystopias. People with such eyelid problems should do thorough research to find experienced, reputable, and licensed surgical experts.

What Are the Differences Between a Facelift and an Eyelift?

The main difference between a facelift and an eyelift is the area the surgeon focuses on. Facelift surgery focuses on fixing sagging in the forehead, neck, and jawline. An eyelift surgery focuses just on sagging eyelids. When a surgeon does facelift surgery, they make incisions behind the earlobes and the hairline. This ensures that the scars are hidden. During eyelift surgery, a surgeon makes incisions along the brow line and lash line. These scars are minimal and are also easy to hide.

Benefits of Eyelift Over Facelift

Unlike eyelid surgery, facelift focuses on improving multiple facial areas. The procedure removes excess fat and skin on the affected facial parts. Both procedures come with several benefits, but we will discuss why having an eyelift may be a better way to achieve your goal.

The following are reasons pointed out by oculoplastic surgeons why people should consider eyelid surgery over a facelift.

Eyelifts Are Cost-Efficient

Today, surgical procedures are more expensive than other forms of treatment. A facelift, for instance, remains among the most costly cosmetic procedures in North America. The cost of a facelift typically ranges between $6,000 and $15,000.

Patients whose skin has severe sunburns pay much more for facelift operations. The high cost of the procedure makes it unaffordable to many people.

Note that facelifts also come with additional costs. The expenses cater to the removal of other problems like wrinkles, acne, and scars. Many patients choose other less costly procedures like laser resurfacing to get rid of the wrinkles.

Eyelifts are cheaper and more affordable, costing between $3,000 and $4,000. The procedure is cost-efficient because it only focuses on improving the eyelids. Getting both eyelift and facelift procedures simultaneously achieves better results for people with enough cash.

Eyelifts Are Faster

A facelift will take more time to correct all the affected areas. Some patients even take more than two months to regain their normal looks. The longer any surgical operation takes, the more uncomfortable the patients become. Lengthy recovery periods make many patients choose other procedures like dermabrasion.

Several things can help fasten a facelift recovery process. One of them is to quit smoking. Using clean towels and applying creams advised by the doctor also speeds up the recovery.

Eyelift surgery is less complex and faster. There are several tips for shortening eyelift recovery time.

Proper self-care is a key tip to help patients after eyelifts. Cold compresses prevent the eyelids from swelling, and ointment is necessary for lubrication. Other recommendations include sun protection, enough rest, and avoiding strenuous activities.

Eyelifts Are Safer

Almost every medical procedure has its own complications. Facelifts are among the procedures with the most complications. The risks are common to patients with underlying conditions.

Bleeding and inflammations are very common with facelifts. The complications can cause extreme pain and affect one’s overall facial look. Facelifts also limit the blood and oxygen from flowing to the treated facial areas, resulting in tissue death.

A facelift can also leave the patient with an uneven look. Unevenness on the face damages the patients’ look and lowers their self-esteem. Other common risks of facelifts include numbness, scarring, and hematoma.

Eyelifts are safer than facelifts. The surgeons focus on a small part (eyelids), reducing the chances of complications. Either way, choosing a professional for the surgical procedure reduces the chances of suffering possible risks.

Which Surgery Is Right for You?

If you are having trouble deciding whether to choose a facelift or an eyelift, decide which areas of your face you are unhappy with. If the sagging in your face is solely around your neck, jaw, or forehead, then a facelift is the right choice. But, if sagging is only in your eyelids or you suffer from ptosis, then eyelift surgery makes more sense to get.

Another factor to consider is your budget. If you cannot afford the high price of a facelift, then you may need to ask your surgeon about other facial cosmetic procedure options, such as dermabrasions or chemical peels. Since eyelifts are much less expensive, it is more likely to fit in your budget. Each surgeon will offer different prices, so shop around to find a surgeon that fits your price range.

One option that some people do not consider is combining a facelift and an eyelift. One benefit to doing this is it saves patients a lot of money as you only have to pay the hospital and anesthesia fees once. The results will be much more dramatic when finished as almost your entire face is transformed. This can boost your self-confidence much faster than having the surgeries spread apart. Also, it is better for your entire body to only “go under” one time.

A very important thing to remember is that you need to be in good health before doing either of these procedures. Talk with your doctor and an oculoplastic surgeon to see if you meet the base health requirements for eyelifts or facelifts.

Visiting an Oculoplastic Surgeon

Swollen or sagging eyelids and other facial parts are common problems in many parts of the globe. The causes of such problems include injury, infections, and old age. An oculoplastic surgeon is the best expert to perform eyelifts and facelifts.

People with droopy eyes and other related issues can suffer from low self-esteem. The surgeons specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries to help the patients regain better looks. You must take time to do proper due diligence to find specialists with adequate knowledge and expertise for surgical procedures.

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