Why is Drinking Wine Good for Your Health?

Why is Drinking Wine Good for Your Health
Why is Drinking Wine Good for Your Health

A lot of research studies have been conducted in the last 20 years in order to look into the advantages of drinking fine wine. People in France are known to drink a lot of wine, and paradoxically the instances of heart disease are the lowest in France. Along with the wine, the French are known to have a diet which is rich in fat, and it is generally not thought to be quite compatible with good health. Compared to other countries, the French are known to have more meat, cheese, butter, sweets, and more wine. This has made research plausible to check on the health benefits of drinking wine. In this article, you will learn about why drinking wine would be good for your health.

Research has revealed that consuming wine in a moderate amount, which is one glass for a woman and two glasses for a man, can help in protecting you from different types of heart disease, having hypertension and even cancer. Studies have also revealed that drinking wine can have a positive impact on one’s cholesterol levels. But, it is important to understand that one has to drink wine in moderation. Doctors are quite careful in recommending the daily use of drinking wine because of such obvious reasons that a patient might start to drink more than is safe for him or her.

Benefits for women

There have been some specific studies done on women with regards to the consumption of wine and the risks of getting breast cancer. The studies found that in general, the risk of dying from breast cancer is a bit higher for those women who tend to drink all types of alcohol on a regular basis. However, drinking wine in moat amounts of one or maximum two glasses every day can reduce this risk of contracting breast cancer and also coronary heart diseases by around thirty to fifty percent. Heart diseases are the most common form of the fatal disease that affects women every year globally and hence drinking wine can help in fighting this disease.

Why is wine good for your health?

The compounds that are responsible for making wine so healthy are a specific type of elements which are known as antioxidants. In red wine, there are a number of different antioxidants and the most useful of them all is the polyphenol based compound called the trans-Resveratrol, in short, it is known as Res. Res is found in a number of different fruits other than grapes, like mulberry, raspberry, muscadine grapes, and so on. Res is found in more concentrated amounts in the muscadine grapes. It can also be found in peanuts and some other types of nuts.

Research studies conducted by several institutions have revealed that Resveratrol has a lot of anti-inflammatories and also anti-cancer properties. There have been papers published which show that Res inhibits the activities of proteins known as the NF-Kappa B that is attached to the DNA of the human cells. Cancer cells are spread and sustained by the NF Kappa B and Res can help in turning this protein off which can cause the cancer cells to die off.

Researches into coronary diseases have also revealed that a moderate consumption of alcohol is one of the most powerful methods for reducing risks of heart diseases. The cardioprotection and safeguarding effect is mostly attributed to the major antioxidants which are found in grape skins and grape seeds. The antioxidants or flavonoids would be found in greater concentration in the red wine compared to the white wine. The winemaking procedure involves grape skins, stems and even seeds to be kept in contact with the juices which help in inducing the health benefitting antioxidants into the wine. One must also remember that a lot of healthy antioxidants are found in oak wood and since wine is kept to age in oak barrels, so the properties of the oak wood also get conveyed into the wine.

Drinking wine helps to reduce and fight heart diseases because the Resveratrol and the other antioxidant flavonoids would help to reduce the production of the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and help to increase the good and healthy high-density lipoprotein cholesterols. These would also help in reducing the blood clotting tendencies and limit thrombus from creating blood clots in coronary arteries. One of the reasons why this can happen is because Resveratrol has got some estrogenic properties and estrogen is cardioprotective.

Nerve benefits

There have been other studies which have indicated that Res can help in forming nerve cells. Researchers believe that this can help in treating neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s. These will explain why drinking wine is known to alleviate tension and induce calmness in people.

But in spite of the numerous health benefits, it would be crucial to understand that one must not drink wine in unregulated amounts. Any type of drinking that is unregulated would lead to abuse, and alcohol abuse can have a lot of serious health issues. Thus, you need to regulate the amount of wine that you drink. Otherwise, you will be gaining weight, and this can also lead to heart diseases. So, you need to consult your doctor and decide on the amount that would be good for you. You should also be careful not to drink more than your limit and exercise self-control.


Having a glass or two of wine every day can help in reducing the risks of heart diseases, cancer and can impart some anti-inflammatory properties in the body. A lot of people feel that drinking wine can lead one into becoming a raging alcoholic, but it is important to remember that one must exercise restraint and self-control and drink just one or two glasses every day. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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