Why Ruth Chris Steakhouse is One of the Best Restaurants in America

Meta: If you’re in the US, do yourself a huge favor and visit Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Here are some of the reasons why!

Despite the Covid pandemic, eventually, we can all go out and celebrate with family and friends out in public. And when that time comes, you have to treat yourself to a steakhouse, with an indulgent steak to celebrate your freedom. More specifically, you should consider visiting the Ruth Chris Steakhouse.

This chain restaurant is one of the best in the whole US, and it even has locations in both Canada and Mexico. It’s been around for a long while, as the first Chris Steak House was put up by Chris Matulich way back in 1927. Ruth Fertel bought the restaurant in 1965, and the name changed to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in 1976.

So, why visit here instead of another place? There isn’t just one reason—there’s a bunch of reasons to explain it!

Excellent Service

This starts with the complimentary valet service, although this may not be available at all locations. But it sure was convenient in some places where it’s a lot more difficult to find parking in the streets.

The wait staff service is absolutely terrific, and it’s not uncommon for a Ruth Chris to win a “Best West Staff” award at some point. The servers are generally well-trained, friendly, and attentive.

Terrific Ambience

There’s a dress code here, which makes the whole steakhouse experience a lot more fulfilling. It’s very sophisticated and definitely upscale. Overly casual gear isn’t allowed, and you’re even told to take off your ball cap. You won’t find anyone wearing flipflops or torn clothing.


Don’t be surprised if your particular Ruth Chris location has also garnered a few Wine Spectator awards over the years. While there are wines and beer options (the Hess’ Shirttail Ranches cabernet comes with a reasonable price), you should really try a cocktail at this place. Ruth Chris has joined the handcrafted drinks bandwagon, and they sure do it right.

Classics like the gin and tonic are wonderful, especially with the proprietary tonic syrup. You can go with the Port of Manhattan or a Gucci Slingback. They’re great with classics as they incorporate modern twists. Or you can pick the whiskey-based Pomegranate Smash, with the in-house grenadine and fresh mint.

Wide Range of Menu Options

You will actually need many years of visits to a Ruth Christy before you have to repeat the same orders you’ve previously had. The options are so many, which is why it’s great that you have terrific drinks to sip as you ponder your choice. You have several different beef cuts to choose from, or you can pick a seafood. Then you’d have to pick the appetizer, salad, and sides. There are literally may combinations to pick from.

Reasonable Prices

This is especially true with the 3-course prix fixe menu selections. For fifty bucks, you can pick from options like the 6-ounce filet with horseradish crust, spicy salmon with crispy shrimp, stuffed chicken breast, and 6-ounce filet and shrimp.

For about sixty dollars, your choices include a 16-ounce ribeye, an 11-ounce filet, and a 6-ounce filet and cold-water lobster tail or Korean BBQ salmon.

Terrific Caesar

A Caesar Salad may be an overly “safe” for those with an adventurous spirit, but it’s the benchmark to which you’d compare all the alternatives. It comes with an attractive presentation, with plenty of Romano shavings and scrumptious buttery garlic croutons. There are just 2 of those croutons, but you should ask for more to be able to mop up the fantastic house-made dressing that’s done just right.

Of course, you can always go with the steak house salad instead. Other options are the red and golden beet frisée salad or the carrot and ginger soup for your appetizer.

Super Sides

The side choices here include lots of turf and surf, along with the crab fried rice, edamame and corn succotash, and creamed spinach.

But the runaway favorite among so many patrons is the mashed potatoes, which is just famous. They’re so good that some people might even confess to foregoing the steak as long as they get an extra order of these fabulous mashed potatoes. You have to try it to believe it.

The secret to these mashed potatoes they’re rice first. Then they’re whipped with milk and butter. The folks at Ruth Chris have simply found the right balance between being too fluffy and too creamy.

Wonderful Ribeye

The ribeye is always a classic choice too, and that’s never a wrong option especially here at Ruth Chris. Of course, it’s good—it’s from the top 2% of USDA prime beef. It’s served on sizzling 500-degree plates after being grilled at 1800 degrees.

The ribeye will come with the iconic sizzle sound that leaves your mouth watering, and with the right grill marks too. Even at a glance, you just know that it’s moist and full of flavor. You can be very certain that this Ruth Chris will be better than any backyard steak you’ve ever had.


We can go on and on with what you can enjoy at a Ruth Chris Steakhouse, but at this point you probably got the point already!

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