10 Reasons to Add Hemp Oil in your Nighttime Skin-Care Routine

Nighttime Skin-Care Routine
Nighttime Skin-Care Routine

The cannabis industry is expanding every day. With increasing discoveries on many ways to use cannabis, including its usage in the skincare routine, this growth may continue. You can easily incorporate hemp oil into your nighttime skincare routine to reap its health benefits as you sleep. Thus, you may wake up with balanced and refreshed skin while using this oil at night.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is different from CBD (cannabidiol) oil. Typically, you collect hemp oil by cold-pressing hemp seeds, while CBD oil is an extract of a cannabis plant, and you harvest it from hemp leaves and flowers.

Hemp oil has amounts of EFA (essential fatty acid), including omega-6 and omega-3, the most crucial fatty acids for healthy skin. However, one must keep in mind that Hemp oil does not contain cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Full-Spectrum hemp oil might contain CBD.

How does hemp oil work?

Hemp oil may work by providing its anti-inflammatory effects to treat various skin conditions. The oil’s compounds can deliver soothing properties to help fight inflammation.

Inflammation may be a root cause of skin issues, including signs of aging and acne. Also, it may lead to dry skin, fine lines, and redness. Through fighting inflammation, full-spectrum hemp oil that contains CBD can help these skin problems for better skin.

Hemp oil can also work as an emollient to help with unevenness in the texture of the skin and reduce fine lines. It may smooth the rough texture of the skin’s surface and might provide moisturizing effects.

Does hemp oil lead to high feeling?

Hempseed oil comes from hemp seeds, and for this reason, it does not have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive cannabis compound that may cause a high feeling. Usually, cannabis Sativa has high quantities of THC, while cannabis indica has high amounts of CBD. Nevertheless, some hybrids like alien OG also provide strong high and can fight health issues like pain, depression, and insomnia.

Bearing that in mind, here are ten reasons to add hemp oil in your nighttime skincare:

1. Hemp oil helps hydrate the skin

The face is, most of the time, exposed to toxins, impurities, and chemicals. Thus, your face requires special care during the skincare routine. Taking care of your skin and face before you sleep may help you achieve glowing, healthy skin.

Therefore, adding hemp oil to your daily nighttime routine may help hydrate the skin. Also, it can provide a protective layer that might protect the skin from external elements the following day.

2. Hemp oil offers antioxidants properties

The UV rays negatively affect the skin as they may speed the process of aging. Wrinkles and fines lines on your face are some of the effects of UV rays. A study shows that antioxidants play a vital role in protecting the skin. Therefore, incorporating hemp oil to your nighttime routine may provide antioxidant effects that curb environmental damage that you face may face each day.

3. Hemp oil helps to moderate oil production

Hemp seed oil can be suitable for most types of skins since it may moisturize without having to clog skin pores. It might help in balancing out oily skin and controlling your skin’s oil production.

Your skin may overproduce oil due to dryness, which, in turn, might encourage acne. Thus, hemp oil might prevent dry skin from getting acne.

4. Hemp oil soothes inflammation

Hemp oil has GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which can act as a potent anti-inflammatory alongside promoting new cell generation and skin growth. It can reduce inflammation and irritation on your skin. Also, it can help with acne and skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

5. Hemp oil fights atopic dermatitis

Skin conditions, including atopic eczema, may result in cracked, swollen, red, and itchy skin. The oil’s fatty acids, omega-6, and omega-3 might help curb skin problems. Regular use of this oil can give you better complexion with time. It is vital to note that quality hemp oil comes from quality hemp seeds, and it is possible to buy these high times seeds online.

6. Hemp oil provides anti-aging properties

Symptoms of aging are wrinkles and fine lines, among others. Incorporating hemp oil to your nighttime routine can reduce these aging signs and might also prevent the development of new ones. The oleic and linoleic acids present in the hemp oil might play a significant role in anti-aging and skin health.

7. Hemp oil proves antibacterial properties

The face, chest, shoulders, and neck are the body parts that are prone to acne. Acne may clog skin pores, and this can create a desirable environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, it might lead to acne development and inflammation. Thus, the antibacterial effects of hemp oil can help treat acne, as well as other facial spots.

8. Hemp oil improves skin elasticity

Elasticity is the capability of your skin to stretch and come back to its usual shape. Elastosis, on the contrary, is a loss of skin elasticity. It causes your skin to look leathery, crinkled, and saggy. Thus, adding hemp oil in your nighttime routine may enhance skin elasticity and can slow the aging of the skin for healthy, youthful skin.

9. Hemp oil helps clean the skin

The beauty products you use and dirt particles may accumulate in the pores. Since hemp oil can cleanse your skin, it removes the build-up particles for you to wake up with refreshed skin.

10. Hemp oil nourishes the skin

Hemp oil contains various nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, niacin, thiamin, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D, among others. All these nutrients can nourish your skin, giving you healthy-looking skin.

How to use Hemp oil for your nighttime routine?

The most direct way for you to incorporate hemp oil to your night skincare routine is to apply it directly to the skin. Nonetheless, some people do not prefer this method, and they can use a thinner application, a topical solution that is hemp oil-infused, such as creams, salves, and serums.


Hemp oil can provide various benefits for your skin. Incorporating this oil to your night skincare routine may help fight acne and inflammation. Also, it nourishes, cleanses, and protects your skin. There are various ways to use hemp oil, and it is up to you to choose the most suitable one.





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