11 Famous Delicious Gujarati Snacks Nasta Farsan (with pics)

List of Gujarati Snacks Nasto Farsan

1.  Khaman Dhokla

Gujarati Dish Khaman Dhokla

2.  Khakhra

khakhra Gujarati food

3.  Bhajiya

Bhajia Gujarati Snacks

4.  Fafda

Fafda Snacks Food Gujarat

5.  Ganthia

Gujarati gathiya farsan ganthia

6.  Khandvi

Khandvi Gujarati snacks

7.  Paatra

patra gujarati dish

8.  Chakri

chakri snacks gujarati food

9.  Sev Mamra

Sev Mamara Nasata Gujarati

10.  Sev Khamani

Sev Khamani Gujarati Nasto

11.  Chorafali

Chorafali Gujarati Snacks

Most of these Gujarati Snacks are either side dishes or enjoyed as snacks during late afternoon after the lunch or during breakfast. Also, Most of these Snacks/Nasta are deep fried and made with Gram Flour.

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