5 Most Prevalent Causes of Obesity

5 Most Prevalent Causes of Obesity
5 Most Prevalent Causes of Obesity

Obesity has hit an all-time high in the United States, and other countries of the world are not fairing a lot better in this regard. It is an incredibly alarming situation because obesity is not only a disease itself, but it also leads to a lot of significant health conditions like cardiac diseases and some relatively minor illnesses like varicose veins, which can be treated even if you schedule sclerotherapy today.

Therefore, you can find many reasons to manage your weight, which can prove to be great motivational factors. But, one cannot maintain weight without knowing about the various causes of obesity. Therefore, we have discussed the five most prevalent causes of obesity so that you can keep this sickness at bay.

  • Consumption of processed foods:

Modern life has brought us a lot of conveniences, but it has also inculcated an extremely unhealthy lifestyle that revolves around work, and food is considered merely a fuel to keep going. As a result, we feel really attracted to indulgent foods that taste good, like burgers, pizzas, donuts, cookies, and many others. Such high fat and high sugar foods are consciously made irresistibly tasty by artificial means so that people can devour it in large volumes.

  • Food Addiction:

All of the foods mentioned above and other similar products can be conveniently compared to recreational drugs because these foods stimulate the reward centers of the brain. Moreover, these foods are highly addictive, and the chronic consumers of such foods go through withdrawals if they do not get the serotonin kick that is often associated with such foods.

  • Genetics:

According to various studies, genetics has a considerable impact on the likelihood of getting obese. For example, children of obese parents are much more likely to get obese as compared to the children of lean parents. If you are an obese child of obese parents, you may think that your parents’ genes are responsible for your weight fiasco.

It would be best if you held that thought because uncontrollable factors like genetics do not entirely determine obesity. After all, certain aspects like diet and lifestyle tremendously affect body weight as well.

  • Insulin Resistance:

Insulin is a hormone created by the liver and plays a pivotal role in regulating the energy stored in your body. Insulin resistance is a medical condition in which your body stops reacting to the insulin, and the Western diet and lifestyle significantly trigger this condition. During this condition, the fat gets stored in the cells and does not remain available to use. As a result, fat starts to build up in the body and leads to obesity in the long run. Despite contradicting reports, the causal relationship between high levels of insulin and obesity still has enough backing to be a serious concern.

  • Prescription Drugs:

Most of the commonly used prescription drugs like antipsychotics and antidepressants have many documented side effects, and one of them is weight gain. They are often found in the medicine cabinets of almost every home in the West. They do not decrease your power per se but change your metabolic system so that you feel an increase in your appetite.

Now that you know about the most prevalent causes of weight gain, make the most of this information and eliminate every obesity causing activity from your life.

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